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O-Zone: Worry-free zone

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Mike from Boston, MA

I thought the Jaguars' offensive line played solid for most of the game. But dang … four mistakes really glare: two holding penalties that negated touchdowns and two ugly pass protects in the last series.

I agree with your thought, and Head Coach Doug Marrone absolutely agreed that the offensive line played well in a 24-20 loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis., Sunday. With notable exceptions. The holding penalties to which you refer don't bother me too much because those often can go either way – and the hold on guard AJ Cann Sunday really could have gone either way. I imagine Marrone felt pretty much the same way because you can't always control holding penalties. But the two sacks allowed on the final series by right tackle Jawaan Taylor and left tackle Cam Robinson? Yes, those two plays absolutely negated what overall was a very good game for the line. The Jaguars need those two players to be better than that. They need to be reliable in exactly the situation in which they failed Sunday. Those plays were concerning and can't happen.

Kyan from LeMars, IA

This team is starting to be competitive with players improving (defensive tackle DaVon Hamilton, cornerback CJ Henderson) but holding their draft spot. As a fan, that's the best-case scenario at this point right?

Well, the best-case scenario would be a 9-0 record and top seed in the postseason with a completely healthy roster – and a sold-out stadium every week. But considering the Jaguars are 1-8 and still appear to need a franchise quarterback – and still need to build with more good, young players … yeah, considering all that, I guess a narrow loss with really good play from rookies and other young players is something like the next-best thing.

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

Good teams find a way to win, even when they've played one of their worst games of the year. Bad teams find a way to lose, even when they've played one of their best games of the year.


Jordan from Jacksonville

A couple thoughts. 1) Linebacker Myles Jack is the best player on the Jaguars. 2) Nose tackle DaVon Hamilton is the Jaguars' best 2020 draft pick so far. 3) Running back James Robinson is the best rookie. 4) Sidney Jones is our best corner.

That's actually four thoughts, so I'll also give four. 1) Yes, and he has been all season. 2) Maybe, and he certainly has been good lately. 3) Unquestionably. 4) Maybe, and he has made a good argument in the last few games.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, for a minute there, I thought we might accidentally win. This team isn't tanking.

Aren't now, weren't Sunday, weren't before, won't be moving forward.

Chiana from Munich, Germany

So, after two games of Jake Luton, I don't see a lot. With defense and special teams having their best two games of the season, we lost with rather bad quarterback play. I feel like Minshew would have won this. Luton really did nothing against those backup corners. I think you have to play Minshew as soon as possible again. Luton's only plus would be his arm, but it's not like he is throwing deep.

Rookie quarterback Jake Luton has played OK for the most part in two weeks – and I can't say I agree that the Jaguars lost to the Houston Texans last week because of Luton's "bad quarterback play;" that analysis actually pushes well beyond reason. Sunday was difficult to evaluate because the winds at Lambeau Field made it difficult – though I certainly think Luton's velocity was a positive for the most part in the game. I doubt Jaguars coaches feel the same as you do, though, and I don't get the idea they believe they must play quarterback Gardner Minshew II again as soon as possible. I expect Luton to remain in the lineup. He absolutely will remain there if he plays as he did against Houston. And I expect he must play much worse than he did Sunday to not remain there.

Al from Orange Park, FL

Dang, but that was fun! Even though a loss, that was the best all-around effort by the team, and the most fun game to watch all year. Hope for the future with some of our young guys?

Al remains "All in."

Dan from Fort Dodge

O-Man watching this team can be so hopeful and so beyond frustrating ... if only our team could be good overall instead of it either being the defense or offense ... never both. I believe if we keep improving and get a few changes next year might be a decent season ... but this season is lost.

Well, yes.

David from Maplewood, NJ

Zone, Right now, at this moment, Minshew is better than Luton. Could that change? Sure. But at this moment, if both are healthy Minshew, is better.

I don't know how good Luton will be, and there's little question we must learn much more about him. He had a good game against Houston, and the wind made it really tricky to judge him against Green Bay. How he fares in the coming weeks as defenses get more video to study on him will tell a lot. So, there are a lot of unknowns? But is Minshew without question better than Luton? Um, no.

Bruce from St. Simon's Island, GA

I was proud of the Jags fighting to the end. It appeared the defensive line played much better. Do you agree?


Michael from Fruit Cove, FL

_Marrone likes the makeup of the team and has since the offseason. And the team has stayed together and are trying hard and not fighting each other. How many games is that worth? Zero? Cool ... Maybe having a team that can play is more important than having a team that likes each other?          _

Of course it is, Michael. Let me check and see when anyone – Marrone included – said otherwise. That's No right: never.

Ringus from Jacksonville

Love Doug. But how dark this guy gonna get?

Stay tuned.

Jason from Jacksonville

John. There are no moral victories at this point in the season, the Jags have lost eight straight games. It's hard to find consistent positives in a 1-8 team, but there is one this season ... James Robinson. In my opinion, Robinson is a Pro Bowl-caliber player today. What he has done so far this season is more than impressive and it was good to hear his praises on the national broadcast. I believe he can be the best RB this franchise has ever seen if he stays healthy.

I agree Robinson is special. I agree that he has been impressive. I agree that he can be very, very good. Can he be better than former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor? Is he a potential Hall of Fame-caliber player? Because that's how good you have to be to be better than Taylor.

Jerell from Columbia, SC

The coaching staff is holding Luton back! Let it rip what the hell. Jags need to draft a QB with both first round picks.

Jerell's back.

Gero from Wenden, Germany

Hello, John. It was fun to see the Jags play Sunday. Apparently the game plan had worked, but they were not rewarded. On the other hand, since last week I have the suspicion that the front office is already planning for next season. Luton doesn't play badly. In some situations Sunday, I would have wished for the agility of Minshew. Do you think in the future, depending on the situation, offensive coordinator Jay Gruden could have both quarterback play. Like New Orleans does with Drew Brees and Taysom Hill?

I'm glad you got to see the game. The Jaguars did have a good plan offensively and defensively; the players played hard and physical to execute it well, for the part. I don't get the idea the front office is already planning for next season any more than is ever the case. I don't believe Minshew will return to the lineup if Luton plays moving forward as he has in the last two games, and I can't see the Jaguars using their quarterbacks as New Orleans does.

Sonja from Wiesbaden, Germany

Good. Game. You may or may not agree and I am sure fans will bitch about offense / production and whatnot. But good game.

I absolutely agree. It was a good game.

Lewis from Jacksonville

Man, that was close. We are still in the hunt for a top draft pick. were you worried "O"?

I don't "worry" all that much when it comes to the Jaguars, particularly during games. I'm too busy writing, tweeting and planning "clever-as-all-get-out" responses to Jerell. But I thought for a while in the fourth quarter that the Jaguars might win. I thought for a while in the third quarter they deserved to win. And I figured a lot of Jaguars fans probably weren't liking that scenario all that much.