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The PACE Center for Girls has agreed to "adopt" TOUCHDOWN, the 16-foot, 2,850-pound bronze statue of a prowling jaguar that sits outside the west entrance to ALLTEL Stadium.

Every other month, 8-10 high school-age girls will wax TOUCHDOWN. The first scheduled date is 10:00 a.m. this Friday, when Delores Barr Weaver, chair and CEO of the Jaguars Foundation, will teach the girls how to wax the statue.

TOUCHDOWN will also be waxed May 15, July 17, September 18 and November 20.

The statue was unveiled on August 18, 1996 and was presented by the Weavers to the city of Jacksonville and accepted by Mayor John Delaney.

PACE (Practical, Academic and Cultural Education) Center for Girls is a non-profit, non-residential, gender-specific community and state-based program providing comprehensive education and therapeutic prevention and intervention services to at-risk adolescent girls.


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