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Patriots week: Wrapping up the duals


FOXBORO, Mass. – The work was good, and objectives were met.

And for the 2017 Jaguars, after working against the league's best team, there remains far to go and much to be done.

Those were perhaps the biggest takeaways from Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone's press conference Wednesday following the third of three practices against the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

"For us, the work was outstanding," Marrone said after both teams participated in a walkthrough practice Wednesday morning.

Marrone said the idea for the Jaguars this week wasn't focusing on the Patriots, but to work on the Jaguars.

"I think we found out a couple of things; I think the main point of inconsistency, the up and down," Marrone said. "I think when you're a team that hasn't won a lot of football games you're going to see that and you're going to strive for that consistency.

"Really, at the end of the day, the teams that win are very consistent in their approach in all three phases and their execution."

Consistency has been a major theme for Marrone this week.

"There is a lot of foundation before we get to that point of what consistency is," he said. "We really need consistency in the foundation of discipline, stamina, focus – to be able to go on the field and perform at that level. That's what I've been talking to coaches about and that's what I've been talking to players about."

The Jaguars on Monday and Tuesday had strong moments and moments when they struggled. This was exemplified Tuesday, with the first-team offense looking effective in individual and 7-on-7 drills early, then struggling later in 11-on-11 drills.

"Yesterday was an interesting day," Marrone said. "Early on in the beginning in the seven-on-sevens and the one on ones, I thought the players did a good job.''

Marrone noted that 11-on-11 work can be the last thing to develop.

"It's not an excuse," Marrone said. "That's where we need to be a lot better, when we get out there in 11-on-11 situations and execute that way. Like I keep saying, but I want to make sure everyone understands: 'We're working our way toward it, but there's still a ways to go.'

"We have time. It's not going to be a panic situation. But it's definitely a high priority in what I've told the coaches and I've told the players."

Quarterback Blake Bortles' day Tuesday was up and down as well, and Marrone addressed that on Wednesday morning.

"You look at some decisions, obviously; there are going to be a couple we have to go back and correct," Marrone said. "There are other things that come into play from a protection standpoint and there are other things that come into play from just being able to get open and run the routes. And then there are some other things where you have to tip your hat off and say, 'Hey, that's good coverage.'

Marrone said a positive for the Jaguars this week was working against schemes other than ones run by the Jaguars.

"We're seeing a lot of different schemes, different coverages – things we don't get every day in practice," Marrone said. "We would have to 'card' those up and have our own players run those plays for us. When that happens, you kind of get in my opinion a false sense of security.

"When you go out here and it's full speed, that's something you can put in the catalogue and teach from – and that's going to help you down the road."

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