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Pederson: "...I'll Fist-Pump After Every One of Those" | CoachSpeak

Coach Speak - Week 5

LONDON – Senior writer John Oehser examines Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson's post-game press conference following the Jaguars’ 25-20 victory over the Buffalo Bills in a 2023 Week 5 game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London Sunday

  1. Job well done. Pederson's pride was evident late Sunday afternoon and with reason. The Jaguars on Sunday held one of the NFL's highest-scoring teams to 20 points, and the result was an important victory over the three-time defending AFC East Champions – a team many expect to contend for the Super Bowl. The victory gave the Jaguars a London sweep including a 23-7 victory over the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium in Week 4 and they are now 3-2 after entering the London doubleheader on a two-game losing streak. "Listen, these games are emotional, man," Pederson said when asked about pumping his fist to family in the stands following the game. "They're hard-fought. Both teams are straining. The players are straining. Guys are putting their bodies on the line, coaches and the whole thing. Obviously we're not out there playing, but we're part of it, and we feel it, and we feel the emotion. It's okay to let your emotion and everything show every now and then. I know I try to keep things in too much, but maybe I should show that emotion a little bit more, but I was very proud of our guys, the way they hung in there for 60 minutes in this football game. I'll fist-pump after every one of those."
  2. Mission accomplished, internationally speaking. The Jaguars not only became the first NFL team to play back-to-back games in London, they became the NFL first team to win consecutive games on back-to-back weeks there. "It feels great," Pederson said. "Our goal obviously is 1-0 each week. It started last week against the Falcons, and we found a way to win that one. Then against a really good, hot Bills team today, and found a way again. Great team effort, but definitely feels good. Still a lot of football ahead of us, but we accomplished our immediate goal, and that was to win two games over here." Pederson added, "It's big. It's big for our organization. We came over here 1-2 and we're leaving 3-2. It's two ballgames, it's one ballgame, whatever it might be. We're five in. I'm just proud of our entire organization and our team for how we handled it."
  3. Bring out the noise. While the victory over the Falcons last week came in a Jaguars home game at Wembley Stadium, Sunday's game was a road game for the Jaguars. That was true in spirit as well as fact, with the Buffalo Bills' fan base – known as "Bills Mafia" – in a strong presence. Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence said the offense had to go to silent snap count as they would at a loud road stadium more than they expected Sunday. "Bills Mafia was in full effect today," Pederson said. "They have a great fan base. It did feel like a road game for us. Our guys handled the crowd noise extremely well. We had to mix up some of our cadences, go between normal vocal cadences and silent cadences throughout the game, and again, guys handled that well."
  4. Never resting. The Jaguars' defense turned in a second strong performance in as many weeks Sunday. They held the Falcons to a touchdown in the victory at Wembley, then held the Bills to one touchdown in the first 55 minutes Sunday. The Bills entered as perhaps the NFL's hottest offense, having outscored opponents by 30 points in victories the past three weeks. "Our defense, two weeks in a row…" Pederson said. "My hats off to [defensive coordinator] Mike Caldwell and the staff, just the way they've prepared our players, the way the players have embraced the game plans, the way they practice during the week, and then go out and play the physical style that they're capable of playing. Things are beginning to kind of gel for them as a unit. This is two weeks in a row. They did it last week against Atlanta, kind of keeping the offense in the game, and then again today keeping the offense sort of in the game. Just a great performance by our defense."
  5. Pederson on the victory overall: "It's just a credit to the players. Defense has the offense's back, offense has the defense's back, special teams both. I just think that that's where the difference was with the players. We missed opportunities to kick some field goals, we took points off the board, which we can't do, but defense went out there and held them to seven points in the first half and really did an outstanding job. Again, credit the players. They really understood this type of game. We as a team I think are figuring out that we're very capable of winning these types of games, and this is a step in that direction."

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