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Players visit teen mothers

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Dan Alexander and quarterback David Garrard met with a group of teen mothers at St. Gerard Campus on Thursday, May 29.

The players applauded the efforts these teen moms have put forward in striving to turn their lives around. Many of the young moms will be graduating from high school at the end of this week, and will continue their education at local academic institutions.

"It means a lot to me seeing them here, seeing them succeed," Garrard said. "I think it really means a lot to them going on with life with their kids…the sky's the limit for them and their kids".

Many of the girls that Garrard and Alexander met with have set high expectations for themselves and their families. One teen mother, for instance, expressed interest in becoming a nurse, while another said she would like to open up her own daycare center.

St. Gerard Campus is located in St. Augustine and was founded and established by Caroline Wolff over 22 years ago. The campus serves as a maternity home for pregnant and unwed mothers, and is an accredited high school. Daycare and residential programs are available as well. All services are free and offered to everyone.

"If I ever wanted to start a foundation, who I would want to help is little kids. The best way to help little kids is by helping their mothers and their parents," Alexander said.

In the winter of 2002, St. Gerard Campus was one of two runners-up recognized at the annual Jacksonville NFL Community Quarterback Award Luncheon. St. Gerard Campus received a total of $3,500.

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