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Rashad Greene Sr. - Saturday, August 18, 2018

Q: Came up with a big play there. What did you see there on the last one?

A:I saw that he shanked the punt. So I knew if I would be able to get a jump on it, it would be a great return. Especially with the return we had set up, I was able to get to that wall I knew my guys would be waiting on me. I was able to get it, catch it, and make that first guy miss, so was able to make a great play.

Q: Does it feel good to make a play in that part of the game where you can be a valuable asset to this team?

A: It feels good to make a play, any part of the play. You know it's not easy playing in the NFL, regardless of whether it's preseason or not you got to go out there and just put good tape out there. Even if you're not making plays, you got to show the coaches what you're doing, you're getting open, even though the ball may not come to you. So, you just have to be on point every play. It's not just about being in the moment when you got to make a play. You know sometimes they see the things that don't come your way as well. So that's my whole thing, just being steady, continue to getting better, and being consistent.

Q: How was the week looking back?

A: It was a great week. Just to be up here and experience it and go against a great defense like the Vikings. It reminded me a lot of like our defense. Just some different looks here and there, but a great group of guys. A very first class experience going against them. I was able to enjoy it. I also got to reunite with some teammates that I played with in college so that was good, it was fun.