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Review of the season and '10 things'


The Jaguars will play their final home game of the season this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. With a win, the Jaguars will finish the home season 4-4, which is the same record they posted a year ago.

That's not good enough for a team that was 7-1 at home for four consecutive seasons (1996-99). So, what's happened to the Jaguars' homefield advantage? That's just one more question this team needs to address during the offseason.

Let's take a look back at this home season.

The Jaguars defeated the Steelers, 21-3, in the season opener at Alltel Stadium. It remains as this team's most gratifying victory this year; one of only two games the Steelers have lost and the Steelers' only road loss.

Week two put the Jaguars at 2-0 with a 13-6 win over the Titans, but Fred Taylor was effectively lost for the season when he suffered a severe groin injury early in the second quarter. Taylor has not played another down.

Cleveland came to Jacksonville in week three and the Browns began a five-game collapse by the Jaguars that forced them out of playoff contention. In 2000, it was a week-two loss in Baltimore that was the Jaguars' greatest regret. This year, it is the week-three loss to the Browns.

Thursday Night Football resulted in a loss to previously winless Buffalo and the low point in the Jaguars season.

The Bengals have provided temporary recovery for a lot of teams over the past several years, and that's exactly what they brought to Alltel Stadium for the Jaguars. A second-half rally ended a five-game losing streak.

Baltimore basically eliminated the Jaguars from playoff contention when the Ravens drove 74 yards in nine plays to score the game-winner with nine seconds to play in the game.

The lights shined bright on Monday Night Football, but Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre shined brightest in rallying the Packers to a 28-21 win.

That brings us up to date. Here's "10 things" the Jaguars have to do to beat the Chiefs.

  1. Call Brian Billick--He let Priest Holmes go, so Billick must know at least one weakness in Holmes' game.
  1. Give the ball to Stacey Mack--The Jaguars should've done that earlier in the season, too.
  1. Feed off the crowd--Those who attend will be true, die-hard Jaguars fans who will undoubtedly be emotional in their support of veteran players the fans know they'll be seeing in Jaguars colors for the final time.
  1. Play for the video tape--Those veterans who think they might be headed elsewhere this offseason would be wise to put their best performance on tape for other teams to see.
  1. Treat the game as another tryout--The Jaguars' young players have been doing that for three straight weeks, all of which produced wins.
  1. Keep kicking field goals--It's better than not kicking field goals, which had been the case too often this season.
  1. Kick it short--If the kicking game is so important, why is it the Jaguars didn't start winning consistently until their kickoffs started falling at the 20-yard line?
  1. Catch the ball--KC quarterback Trent Green is tied with Peyton Manning for the league lead in interceptions, 21. Make sure you catch it when it comes to you.
  1. Find out what's in Dick Vermeil's Geritol--The guy has amazing energy.
  1. Act as though it's a bowl game--This one lacks for significance.
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