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Rookie class visits kids

The Jaguars rookie draft class recently visited Wolfson Children's Hospital as a group. The players shared smiles as well as autographs with many of the children in the hospital while going from floor-to-floor to cheer up and encourage the kids and their families.

"The Jaguars rookies come room to room to visit the kids who are having medical procedures or various treatments at the hospital," Kym Benjamin, Child Life Specialist for Wolfson said. "It brightens the kids' day. When the Jaguars come and visit it makes a difference minute by minute. It's great that they know the community is out there and they come and visit."

Many of the kids enjoyed the opportunity to meet football players for the first time in their lives, and spoke about their favorite team being the Jaguars.

"I'm expecting the Super Bowl this year," one of the kids shouted as the players left his room.

Linebacker Brent Hawkins said, "We came here today to support the kids and try to make them feel better. Sometimes it feels good to get away from football and support the community as much as they support us. It's great to get out here and make the kids smile."

Autographs were given to many kids on autograph cards that the players provided. The players posed for pictures with the children and their families as well.

Defensive end James Wyche said, "I felt good today meeting the kids as well as their parents. I just like taking time out to say hello to the kids."

"Whenever you get around stuff like this, it makes you thankful for what you have," linebacker Clint Ingram said. "I think more people should do stuff like this. I love being around kids. I always have. Everyone should walk away feeling like a better person."

The visit left such an impression on the players that many of them plan to come back to do the same thing again.

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