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Steelers Running Back James Conner: Sunday, November 22, 2020

(On what was the difference in getting the running game going today) "It was about opportunity. We weren't down on ourselves. Even though everybody else counted us out, we knew that we had another opportunity to keep growing in the run game and keep working on things to get it going. We had a good week of practice, running hard today, line was blocking, good opportunity."

(On the defense's ability to get turnovers and how that helps the offense out) "For sure, man. Football is the ultimate team game. For the defense to create those turnovers and give us the short field and having us take the field halfway through – the defense is just playing big, man. They got so much going for them. We just play off of each other."

(On where he's seeing people counting them out in the run game) "Everywhere. Got more games left."

(On what enabled him to be able to run wide this game) "Just got some looks where I could bounce the ball to the outside and try to get one-on-one with those corners. Every game's going to be different. With this game, we tried to get those one-on-one matchups on the outside and we were able to get some big gains."