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Thank you, Jacksonville


This is goodbye and thank you. Thank you for:

  • Allowing me to live and work in Jacksonville, where I enjoyed sunny skies, sparkling winters, smooth roads, sandy beaches, beautiful golf courses, financial gain, new friends, a new lifestyle and a home my family loves.
  • Providing a work place that shimmered in teal against the blue background of the St. Johns River.
  • The Jaguars, who I watched grow from their birth to the sweet age of 16 super seasons. I wouldn't trade any of them.
  • Readers that always made me want to do my best work.
  • The thrill of game day.
  • Fred, Mark, Tony, Jimmy, Keenan, Leon and one of the best offenses I've ever covered.
  • The upset win in Denver and the late-night fly-by.
  • Making "Ask Vic" a source of pride.
  • 14-2.
  • 1996.
  • Listening to the radio shows.
  • Watching the videos.
  • All those great games against the Steelers.
  • Liking the Oklahoma drill as much as I do.
  • Saying hello at training camp.
  • Sharing with me in "Ask Vic" sensitive, heartfelt stories that touched me and made me realize the column had become something more than a place to ask questions and get answers.
  • Making the day of the "Ask Vic" golf tournament my favorite day of the year.
  • Buying tickets and supporting the Jaguars. You will not regret it, I promise.
  • Not hating me for leaving you.
  • Being so close to Georgia and South Carolina. I really love this little corner of the country.
  • 2007.
  • Laughing at the asterisk.
  • All the military people I've met.
  • My colleagues in the media, from Vito and Gene to Frangie and Lamm and everyone in between. I'm media and I like media.
  • Pete Prisco.
  • Bobby Martin and Carl Cannon at The Times-Union. They called me their "bud" when I didn't have one.
  • Baptist Medical Center, which twice saved my life.
  • The Baptist Cancer Institute nurses that told me losing my hair made me look younger.
  • The view of the St. Johns River I enjoyed every day as I crossed the Hart Bridge. By my calculations, I crossed that bridge nearly 10,000 times.
  • Saving the whale. Do not let him die.
  • The questions that wrote my column.
  • That gorgeous day in January of 1995, when I came to Jacksonville to interview for a job and instantly knew this was the place for me.
  • Every second of the last 16 years of my life.


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