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This ain't about soda

Let's get to it . . . Taylor from Keystone Heights, FL:
Don't dodge the question, O-Man. I know you are no fan of Tebow. But regardless of what anyone says about his mechanics/potential as a quarterback, he has been successful as a quarterback. It's not like the Jaguars would be any worse with him as starting quarterback. Why not bring Tebow to Jacksonville? How much harm could he do? What are the concerns? Tebow wins football games, period.
John: Since this question dominated the inbox today, I'll address it. First off, I'm not a "fan" of any NFL player, Tebow included. I have joked about Tebowmania, and poked fun at those who desperately want to bring Tebow to Jacksonville; poking fun is part of what's done in the O-Zone, but I have nothing against Tebow as a person. Now, I am on record saying I am skeptical about Tebow's style and his ability to be successful long-term in the NFL. No question the Broncos won games with him last year, but at times they seemed to win in spite of how he played early in games as much as because of how he played in them late. Could I be wrong about him? Could he improve and could his style lead a team to a championship? Sure, I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again. And no, the Jaguars probably would not be worse than 2-12 were he the starting quarterback here. But that argument is not a reason to make someone your starting quarterback. You make someone your starting quarterback because he's a guy around whom you believe you can build a long-term contender. The question, "Why not bring Tebow to Jacksonville?" is like so many other questions, with the answer being we just won't know until we know the direction of the franchise. The concern is that many in the NFL believe he's not a player you build around, and that if he's not the starter, his presence causes the problems we saw with the Jets this season. Here's the tipping point on the question for me: do the people running the football operations and the coaches truly believe he is a player who can quarterback a team to a Super Bowl? Do they believe in him? If they do, then that's what should be done. If not, then that's not fair to him.
Fred from Naples, FL:
Your responses are always InSIGHTful, witty and well-thought out. Will you be as funny at 12-2 next year as you are at 2-12 this year?
John: I'd sure like to find out.
Shepherd from Huntsville, AL:
Let the Tebow discussion begin....again. Will the Jags be crazy enough to pass on him the third time around? It doesn't take a rocket scientist (and I work with a bunch of them) to figure this one out.
John: Yes, the discussion is beginning, and no, this isn't rocket science, but it's not as if people who doubt Tebow are all idiots. The people who run and coach teams care about one thing – winning. It's how they are measured and not doing so costs them their jobs. If the majority of the NFL believed he could win, then there would be bidding wars for his services. If Denver believed he would win, the Broncos would not have given up on him. Now, perhaps he will go somewhere and prove everyone wrong. Some say he did that in Denver last season, but the Broncos apparently did not believe that. If he does go somewhere and wins consistently, he will prove pretty much everyone in the NFL wrong. If he does, more power to him. Incidentally, in terms of the Jaguars passing on him twice, that's not accurate. Tebow chose the Jets over Jacksonville last off-season.
Nick from South Kingstown, RI:
How does "Brown Paper Bag Sunday" sound, in anticipation of another terrible loss?
John: Like a cliché and shame. I don't think that's what Jaguars fans are about. I believe I've been pretty clear about that.
Bryan from Nashville, TN:
Have you heard anything about whether or not Daryl Smith will be able to play in either of the last two games?
John: Daryl Smith practiced with the Jaguars on Wednesday and it seems likely he will play Sunday. The Jaguars currently are carrying 52 players, leaving one spot available, and Jaguars Head Coach Mike Mularkey said ideally that spot would be used to move Smith to the active roster for Sunday.
Tom from Jacksonville:
How does soap work?
John: Soap works?
Ken from Jacksonville:
With the Jets skipping over Tebow to go with a third-string quarterback, it's looking like he won't be with the Jets next year. With the quarterback issues the Jaguars are having, do you think Mr. Khan might be considering bringing Tebow to Jacksonville?
John: Khan wanted to bring Tebow to Jacksonville last season within the context of how the team wanted to use him. At the time, that meant primarily on special teams, and not as the starting quarterback. At the time, Tebow also did not want to come to Jacksonville. Nearly a year later, it remains to be seen how those factors have changed.
Bryan from Alexandria, VA:
Here comes Timmy!!!!
John: Where?
Mike from Jacksonville:
Please keep this a Tebow free zone! Many thanks!
John: Not today, Mike. The topic – this version of it, anyway – is too fresh, and there's too much interest. This topic, while old to some people, is something about which people are curious, and in addition to weekly ridiculous videos, we do try to inform now and again.
Chad from Maples, FL:
Why does it seems that good quarterbacks such as Brady and Manning always seem to step up in the pocket to make throws down the field and poor quarterbacks stand back and get hit? Is this something that is hard to teach?
John: Good quarterbacks such as Brady and Manning always seem to step up in the pocket to make throws downfield because they're good quarterbacks and do things the right way. In this case, the things they are doing right involve pocket presence and pocket fundamentals. It can be taught, and in the case of Manning and Brady, they have been good at it for a long time and get better with time.
Justin from Section 116:
Just wanted to say that your videos are great. Don't be greedy with the spotlight, though. You can use the other talent at the stadium such as the Roar and Jaxson. I hope your Khan put you in for the premium Jelly of the Month membership this year for all your efforts. Have a great holiday with your family.
John: You had me at "great."
Josh from Lynchburg, VA:
So how much do you want to bet that the Patriots break either the record for most points scored in a single quarter, half, or game on Sunday? Or perhaps all three?
John: I ain't betting, but if I did, I'd bet they don't. I'm not saying there hasn't been evidence to suggest otherwise, and I'm not saying the matchup favors the Jaguars, but these games that look awfully one-sided in the NFL often don't play out that way.
Justin from Findlay, OH:
I've been a fan since Day One. I even convinced the wife to let me name our son Jackson. She knows I'll never give up on the team, but after every game she asks why I'm still a fan. I used to try defending them, but anymore, my only response is "Well, you're still with me." Is there a better response than that, or should I just stick with it?
John: If she's asking why you're still a fan, she doesn't get it and probably never will. My advice? Smile, remind yourself that you have flaws, too – probably more than her if you're like me – and realize being a true fan is one of those things some people never understand.
Chris from Wakefield, RI:
O-man I keep hearing the players say, "We just need to finish strong." When does that start?
John: I'll let you know.
Scottie from crisfield,md:
hi john do you think jones drew will be back next year that offence is ten times worse without him not that they wer good with him this year
John: thank you for ur email Scottie i don't know if jones drew will b back next year I think he he will because he is undr contract and its too early to know about last season
Hugo from Fleming Island, FL:
Can you ask Mr. Khan if buying the Jaguars was a knee-jerk reaction on his part? If you don't ask him, I will take your opinion.
John: It's a good thing you'll take my opinion, because, frankly, I wouldn't insult him by asking. Khan has worked his whole life to become one of the most successful men in the world, and as he became more successful the idea of owning an NFL team became more intriguing. As such, he met with many NFL owners, and nearly purchased the St. Louis Rams. He then explored the idea specifically of buying the Jaguars for more than a year, a process that included countless hours and dollars of legal fees, accounting and man hours. You don't buy an NFL team the way you or I go into a store for soda. It's not a knee-jerk thing.

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