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Todd Wash - Thursday, October 24, 2019

(On the defense creating turnovers in Week 7 at Cincinnati) "Obviously give credit to the players. Myles' [Jack] was a heck of an interception. It was empty, he was anticipating quick game and they gave it to him, so he stayed right where he needed to be, worked off of the quarterback and was able to get a pick. Same thing with Ronnie [Harrison]. You can really see that they were executing their fundamentals last week and we had some opportunities. So, if we can keep cashing in on that obviously that helps our football team win games."

(On if they target free agents that know their system like linebackers Malcolm Smith and Donald Payne when they have to make in-season signings) "Obviously we had quite a few linebackers in this week. We're going to take the best player. I think it's our job, whoever's going to get out there, we just have to make sure that they feel comfortable in this system. Obviously, this week it worked out where it was Donald [Payne] and Malcolm [Smith], having Malcolm up in Seattle and then Donald [Payne] being here for a while, so that really definitely helps going into this week. But we don't necessarily say, 'Hey, we need a guy that's in this system.' We'll calm their world down as much as we can if they have to get on the field."

(On the new roster additions not having much time to acclimate to the system) "No, there's only about 24 hours in a day, give or take none, so it's challenging. And it does help that they've been in this system, but the coaches have to put a lot of time in. Things have changed since Donald [Payne] has been here, our system's different than what Malcolm [Smith] had in Seattle. And most of it is just the terminology."

(On Smith saying that the system has new terminology) "Yeah, and he said that – I was in the linebacker room this week and he was like, 'Well, we called it this,' and I said, 'Well, yeah, you guys did. We call it this.' But they'll have a quick transition, so it helps."

(On DT Marcell Dareus being out with a core injury) "Obviously Taven's [Bryan] going to play more. So, they're going to major a lot in 11-personnel, that's what [Jets Head Coach] Adam's [Gase] has done when he was down in Miami and obviously what he's doing in New York. So, I think we can play Calais [Campbell] a little bit more down inside and things like that, but we'll still have a three-way rotation. We feel comfortable. I think Taven's gotten better and better each week, and he's getting more and more reps. You've seen some splash plays last week out of Taven, so it's going to be fun to watch him get his first NFL start this week."

(On if he has to prevent his players from getting 'blitz-happy' after the Jets' performance on Monday Night Football) "Whatever hurts a team, you're going to go back and you're going to work that because it's a copy-cat league. Especially on offense. On defense, obviously New England's a lot different than we are, and we're going to go out and do what we do, and I think our players also know each week in this league is different. You've seen how well New York played versus Dallas and then maybe not so well versus New England, and that's the way it is in this league. You never know what's going to happen from week-to-week and you have to prepare like you're getting the best from everybody each and every week. And I think that's what we've kind of stressed to our players, don't worry what the hell happened last week, because we know what happened the week before that. So, we're just going to go out and play our game, and hopefully we can play solid defense and do well as an entire team and win the football game."

(On the improvement of S Ronnie Harrison from his rookie year to now) "Being comfortable in the package, he's back there communicating really well. I think [Secondary Coach – Safeties] Joe Danna has done a really nice job with him and J-Dub [Jarrod Wilson], getting them to really understand how they can cheat some plays, teaching them some of the indicators post snap. That was one of them last week, he saw an indicator post snap and went and got it. So, it's a credit to him with the instincts he has, and then I think Joe's doing a really good job with both safeties."

(On Harrison being around the ball often) "Obviously we [drafted] him [in] the third round, we knew he was a playmaker. At the time, obviously we had a couple real good safeties, but we knew he was always going to be a guy that can make plays and splash plays, and when he does get the ball in his hands, he's pretty explosive even carrying the ball. We have to get him to tuck it away a little bit, but, when he's on point, he can make a lot of splash plays for us defensively."

(On why he believes causing turnovers is 'contagious') "With the takeaways we talked about, 'They come in bunches.' We never want to press. I know everybody was saying, 'You have to do this, you have to do that,' well, until you're in the building, you really don't know what we need to do. It was a situation I think [where] the offense starts to press, especially when you get behind, they start to press, maybe forcing some things and that gives us an opportunity. And also, most of the takeaways come in the passing game, so if you start chasing points, you're going to have an opportunity. But it really comes down to staying with your fundamentals and executing the game plan."

(On if he sees this game as a good opportunity to blitz often) "We're going to start game planning this afternoon and look at that. I don't know if we're going to blitz or not. I don't know if we're going to rush three. I really don't know what we're going to do yet."

(On if he is not surprised by DE Yannick Ngakoue's level of play) "No. Obviously knowing Yan[nick Ngakoue] for a long time, I have a very close relationship with Yan. He's a true professional. He decided that he didn't want to take the offer that the Jaguars have him, so he's got to come in, and work, and do the best he can to get the offer that he wants. He's an unbelievable teammate in that room. Obviously he's coaching up Josh [Allen]. A lot of guys don't do that. I was walking down the hallway the other day, he was standing there talking to one of the janitors and one of the food service people and I said ultimately Yan, regardless of what people really see, that chip on your shoulder stuff, he's a really good-hearted man. And that's a credit to how his mother raised him, and she's very important in his life, and he's just a good, quality person."

(On what he's seen from CB A.J. Bouye this season) "A.J. [Bouye] has played solid. He missed a day of practice this week. Congratulations to him, having his daughter yesterday, but he's been consistent. We're starting to maybe do some things with him where we travel him to certain guys. You've seen that the last couple games where he travels. He's still, and has been, a good corner for a long time, and we still feel very highly about his coverage skills, his ability to tackle and make plays in our system."

(On the importance of Bouye being a veteran on a youthful defense) "It's important, because he does a lot of talking to them. And it helps having D.J. [Hayden] also, he's been around a while. So, I think those guys really talk to [Breon] Borders, and Tre [Herndon] and all those other young guys. Just tell them, hey, you just have to go out, execute. They're going to make some plays on you at time, but you're also going to make your plays, and I think they've stayed really mentally sharp and disciplined in the back end."