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Todd Wash - Wednesday, November 27, 2019

(On what he will do if S Ronnie Harrison or LB Myles Jack will not play on Sunday) "We have a plan. We have to get 11 out there, so we have a plan with some of the guys obviously. The linebackers may be possibly moving positions. Some safeties, we brought in a safety yesterday, so we have a plan and we expect those guys to go out there and play well."

(On if he knows the status of Jack's knee injury) "I don't. That's something that obviously we'll pass on to Doug [Marrone]. He's feeling better and better each day. At least we still have a couple, three, four days before the game that hopefully he can get healthy and we can get him on the grass."

(On the challenges that the lack of depth at linebacker and safety pose) "To me, it's not an excuse. We have to go out, we have to play better, and we have to coach better regardless of the 11 that are on the grass. We have confidence with the ones that we put out there, and we just have to do a better job of executing, and then when we get in position to make plays, we have to make plays."

(On the impact of not having DT Marcell Dareus in the lineup) "Obviously, a year ago, we went out and got Marcell [Dareus], two years ago, to really sturdy up our run defense. And he came in, and he's done a really nice job. When he played earlier in the year, he wasn't a great disrupter of the quarterback, but he did a nice job of stopping the run for us. So, obviously he's missed, but at the same time, it's next man up and we have to be able to obviously play better and stop the run. We had let a couple explosive plays out in the first half, and then in the second half once again it got out of hand because of some gap accountability issues, some missed tackles, and we need to find a way to eliminate that."

(On his assessment of S Andrew Wingard) "He got in the game and did a nice job. He had one play where I know he would like to have it back and that kind of stuff, but for us, we have to make sure we put him in position that matches his skill set. And if he's the one that does go out there and play, we expect him to play well."

(On if the amount of explosive plays given up are still a concern) "Yeah, we had 10 [given up] last week. We had four runs and six passes last week. And the same thing is we were in position to make a couple plays. We didn't make a couple plays. The one third down, I think I put them in a bad call. They surprised us with a personal grouping, so it's a combination obviously, that we have to make plays and I have to put them in a better position."

(On if the combination of WR Chris Godwin and WR Mike Evans are as good as they've faced this year) "They are. Both of them are 1,000-yard receivers. Jameis [Winston] does a really nice job of getting them the ball. Where they get a lot of their yards are yards after the catch, so we have to do a good job of keeping them in front of us. When they catch the ball, we have to be able to tackle them, and that's going to be a big part of what we say, is we have to keep the ball in front of us this week, that's one of our keys to victory and it's going to be important that we do that."

(On how LB Quincy Williams played last week) "Quincy [Williams] was solid. Obviously, I think he would like to have a couple plays back, but you can really see him run and hit. The one time on the reverse, he read it exactly the way he should. We were in a three-on-two and that kind of stuff, so he fell back. You've seen his explosiveness and his speed, and he was able to get him down. So, you see some splash plays, we just need to make sure we have the consistency with his play."

(On if he is surprised that he is still talking about gap accountability in Week 13) "Yeah, surprised. A couple times, just got off the ball, and it came inside, and [a linebacker] should be outside, or a linebacker doesn't see the [running] back, and he doesn't fall back or whatever it may be. But we're an eight-man front spacing, and when you don't play your gap, you're going to get some stuff up. And then it's one-on-one with the safety, that's probably the toughest tackle in football. So, our front seven if we're in nickel, or our front eight in base, we have to make sure that we control our gap or responsibility for us to stop the run."

(On what is leading to the lack of gap accountability) "Fundamentals. We've been on that for about the last three weeks. When you're supposed to be in the B-gap, or you're supposed to scrape off the defensive end, whatever it may be, we have to make sure that we do our job. We're creating some angles so the line can't get up to the linebackers, and when that happens, we just have to make sure we read our keys and fall back."