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Transcript - Jaguars Running Back James Robinson: June 3, 2021

(On Head Coach Urban Meyer) "He's a cool guy, a good guy to be around. It's more when we're in meetings, he's just showing a lot of energy and everyday he's ready to go at practice."

(On having an in-person offseason compared to a virtual offseason last year as a rookie) "It gives all of us a lot of opportunities to learn the offense more instead of just being virtual and having to do it yourself. Getting to work with the quarterbacks and the new guys coming in, it helps all of us because if you're just doing it on your own, you're not really getting the work that you need. There's certain coaching points that we need to know and just having OTAs and being here helps out a lot."

(On his goal to get faster in his second year) "First couple of practices, I was able to open up and feel pretty fast. As the days go on, my legs get sore, but the first few days I felt like I got faster."

(On what he focused on to get faster in training) "Just a lot of knee drive. Urban Meyer when he first came in, he was talking about my knee drive. Ever since March, when I come into the stadium, that's all I've been working on really."

(On what he has learned about QB Trevor Lawrence) "He's just a guy that likes to work. Seeing him in practice, it's just like that's Trevor Lawrence, just watching him play, he throw the ball really well. He has some speed on him too so when we get in camp, we'll see how that goes. Other than OTAs, you're not really hitting each other and everything like that. He's a great guy and is fun to be around."

(On if there's been a moment when he has been in awe of QB Trevor Lawrence) "Not for me. He's just one of my new teammates. It's great meeting new guys and seeing how they come in and work with everyone."

(On his relationship with RB Travis Etienne Jr.) "It's great. He asks questions all the time. He's a good guy to talk to. It's great. Him and Trevor [Lawrence] coming in, it's great."

(On RB Carlos Hyde) "I would say it's kind of like the relationship I had with [former Jaguar RB] Chris Thompson last year. It's an older guy that's been in the league for a while and [I'm] just learning new things about the league and knowing how to take care of yourself and knowing when to go and when to tone things down. So, he's great, given me a lot of pointers."

(On how expects the backfield rotation to mesh together) "I think it'll mesh very well. We've all just been trying to learn the offense right now, but as we get into training camp, we'll see. I'm sure it will work out well."

(On his thoughts about bringing more guys into the running back group this year) "When they brought those guys in, I knew of them. It's really just I have to go out there and control what I can control and once I get my opportunity, just make the most of it."