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Transcript - Jaguars Tight End Luke Farrell: May 1, 2021

(On whether the Jaguars have communicated if he'll have a similar role in Jacksonville to the role he had at Ohio State) "I haven't talked with him specifically about it, but I know that Coach Meyer knows what I'm capable of and what my game is. And I know that whatever they ask me to do, I'm going to do it to the best of my ability."

(On whether it feels like he's coming home to this team as he's familiar with Coach Urban Meyer) "It's definitely really familiar getting that phone call, similar to the phone call I got when I was a sophomore in high school. But yeah, just really surreal that [it's] coming full circle from there. And especially Coach Meyer, as a Northeast Ohio guy himself, he grew up 15-20 minutes from where I am right now, at home. So yeah, [it's] just amazing and I couldn't be happier."

(On whether he ever joked about not getting more touches at Ohio State) "It was kind of a running joke in the tight end room. We were always vouching for ourselves and prying for more opportunities, whatever opportunities you can give us. But I mean, I knew that I had a lot of value in what my job was and that we had a lot of weapons on that offense. So, I was always confident in my ability in that. But yeah, I mean, you're always vouching for that and we had a great unit to vouch for that."

(On what he would say is his strength in his game) "Yeah, I mean, I definitely think I'm one of the best, if not the best, block tight ends coming out of this class. But I think one of my biggest strengths is my versatility and my toughness. I think whatever they're going to ask me to do, I can do at a high level—and we were asked to do a lot as tight ends at Ohio State and I know I can continue to do that. And then, I think I play the game with a lot of toughness, in every aspect."

(On when he thought it was a real possibility that he would get drafted to Jacksonville) "I mean, all along, since he got the job, I knew [Coach Urban Meyer] was really familiar with me and obviously, we go way back. But definitely after meeting with Coach [Tyler] Bowen and just the good feeling I had from that and follow-ups, just all of that gave me a good indication that it could very well be a possibility." 

(On how excited he is to see Coach Urban Meyer's NFL version of the offense he played at Ohio State and what he thinks that will look like) "I think it's really exciting. I mean, obviously, I'm a little more familiar with it coming in, which is always nice. But yeah, I'm really excited for what that can become with the kind of weapons that we have on this offense now, just from the past couple of days. So yeah, really excited about it and just incredibly honored to be a part of it, really."

(On his touchdown catch during the Sugar Bowl and whether he even saw that ball) "Oh I mean, he [Justin Fields] put it right where he needed to put it. I just played a little basketball, had a little inbound pass, pinned it on my shoulder. But he definitely made it easy for me there."

(On what it will be like playing on the same team as QB Trevor Lawrence) "Yeah, I'm sure it will be a little different at first, [having] played opposite over the last couple years, but he's an incredible talent and such a valuable piece to have on this team. So, I mean, I'm going to be doing whatever I can for him, from day one, make sure he's protected, he's got what he needs and everything. So, I'm excited for it."

(On the recruiting process with Coach Urban Meyer coming out of high school) "It was great. I mean, yeah, I got that phone call in my high school coach's office from him. And he even said, 'Do you realize who you're talking to right now?' because I was just kind of shocked a little bit. You know, growing up in Ohio, obviously it's a dream of so many kids growing up. So yeah, he was just like, 'Do you realize who you're talking to?' and it kind of broke the ice from there. But I mean, that was a great experience all the way through my recruiting process, having that hometown connection was big."

(On what took Coach Urban Meyer so long to offer him a scholarship) "That's a good question, you're going to have to ask him that. But I mean, I think he wanted to see me in person, see how I moved, make sure I was the real deal. He does his homework like that."

(On what he's learned so far about the Jaguars tight end room) "I know that I could be a valuable piece for the team right away. Which is kind of my mindset—is to earn that trust as quick as I can with Coach [Tyler] Bowen and the new staff and everything, a lot of new. So, just [to] establish myself, earn that trust and that playing time. So yeah, just coming into it with that mindset of I'm going lunch pail every day, giving everything I have."

(On whether he was aware that the Jaguars recently worked out Tim Tebow for a tight end spot) "Yeah, I definitely would not mind having that guy in my room."

(On the feeling of getting drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars, knowing Coach Urban Meyer's direction and plan for the team) "Yeah, [it's] incredibly surreal. I mean, I was on the phone with [Jaguars Director of Player Assessment) Ryan Stamper who was at Ohio State as well, he's the one who called me. And then I was like, 'Oh, is this it? Is this it?' and then he got Coach Meyer on the phone and he just said, 'Welcome to Jacksonville.' And I was just like blown away. Very recently, I wouldn't have even imagined him being in Jacksonville as a coach there. But yeah, [it's] just really surreal and like I said, full circle."

(On confirming that Coach Urban Meyer asked him 'Do you realize who this is?' during high school recruitment) "Way back in, it would've been like 2013 or 2014, yeah, he was like, 'Do you realize who you're talking to?' It was funny because I was just kind of like a little timid on the phone for that first phone call."

(On whether he thinks he'll be a help to this franchise's culture) "Yeah, I think that's huge. I mean, culture is a big part of what he does and it's a big part of what I believe in as well. So, I mean, I'm really familiar with how he goes about his business and I'm really excited to be engulfed in that again and just bring along guys with me."