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Vic's in-game updates

Vic Ketchman @ 8:41 AM

I just got back from the Jaguars locker room, where we did today's pregame video. We wanna give you a look inside on game day. I hope you enjoy the video.

Vic Ketchman @ 11:04 AM

My expectation is that Brady Quinn will be the Broncos' "third quarterback," which means Tim Tebow will be active, and I expect the Broncos to have a half-dozen plays for Tebow in the game plan.

Vic Ketchman @ 11:50 AM

This will almost certainly be the hottest game in Jaguars history. It's 89 right now. There are three games tied at 88.

Vic Ketchman @ 11:56 AM

Quinn is, in fact, the Broncos' "third quarterback." WR Demaryious Thomas, the Broncos' other first-round pick, is also inactive.

Vic Ketchman @ 11:58 AM

The key to this game, in my opinion, is either getting out to an early lead and breaking the Broncos' spirit, or forcing the fourth quarter to decide it. If the issue is in doubt in the fourth quarter, the Jaguars should be at a distinct advantage.

Vic Ketchman @ 12:27 PM

I'm heading over to the radio booth for pregame. I'll be back for the coin toss.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:00 PM

It's official. This is the hottest temperature at kickoff in Jaguars history. It's 90.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:03 PM

Anthony Smith just jumped a mile in the air as he readies to cover this kick. He's a guy who loves to bang.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:04 PM

Big gainer on the first play. Kyle Orton throws to TE Daniel Graham on a mis-direction type of play.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:05 PM

Nowhere, baby.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:06 PM

Orton to Eddie Royal for a first down. Tebow's back in the game.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:06 PM

Orton's slicin' and dicin' them with short passes.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:08 PM

Holding on the Broncos nullifies a gain to the 12 by Moreno. The Jags need to stop the run.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:09 PM

Rashean Mathis fair-catches the punt at his eight.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:12 PM

David Garrard throws over the middle to Mike Sims-Walker, who drops the pass. It was right on the money.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:13 PM

Garrard to Mike Thomas for a first down. It was a beautiful throw and it gained 21 yards.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:16 PM

The Jags have to punt. A holding penalty killed both opening drives.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:19 PM

Orton throws incomplete. The sun is out in full forcde.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:21 PM

It's third and three. This is a field position play.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:22 PM

The Jags take over at their 26.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:26 PM

Pass interference on the Broncos gives the Jags a first down at their 42.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:27 PM

There's the run I want. Mo gains 18 to the Denver 37. Did I just see the first sign of fatigue?

Vic Ketchman @ 1:28 PM

Sacked! Why not keep running?

Vic Ketchman @ 1:29 PM

Time out, Jags with two minutes to play in the first quarter.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:33 PM

Kassim Osgood just made a Pro-Bowl play. He stood at the goal line and kept the ball from going into the end zone. The ball is at the four. This is definitely a field position game and that means the heat becomes more of a factor.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:35 PM

Ryan Clady is out. Orton throws to Gaffney for a first down.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:37 PM

We're at the end of the quarter. This game is going to be an endurance test. The team that copes best with the heat will win.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:40 PM

Tebow gains a yard. It's a wasted play. Come on.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:42 PM

Orton's pass was deflected into the hands of Royal. First down at the Jags 47.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:44 PM

The run is a little short. It's decision time on fourth and one. Field position hangs in the balance.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:46 PM

Fourth and one; isn't this when you use Tebow?

Vic Ketchman @ 1:48 PM

Durant makes a great tackle in the flat.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:52 PM

Jones-Drew gets a first down with a catch and a run. If the Jags can get something on the board before halftime, it would be big.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:53 PM

The pass to Zach Miller is shy of a first down.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:56 PM

The temperature is 93 and the heat index is 104.

Vic Ketchman @ 1:59 PM

Block in the back nullifies a long return by Mike Thomas. It was on Russell Allen.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:04 PM

It's fourth and one at the two-minute warning. Jack Del Rio made it appear as though the Jags are going for it because he wants the Broncos defense to stay on the field and in the sun.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:06 PM

He went for it and Mo got it. I can't believe it. The ball is at the Denver 47.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:08 PM

Touchdown! Garrard to Marcedes Lewis. The Broncos are whipped. You can see. Standing in the sun at the two-minute warning killed them.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:09 PM

A defensive lineman just left the field with a towel over his head. He's had it. Will the Broncos answer the bell in the second half?

Vic Ketchman @ 2:11 PM

I knew what he was doing. Well, I knew half of it. I never thought he'd go for it on fourth down at midfield. I was stunned when the ball was snapped.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:14 PM

Orton to Royal at the eight. He went after the Jaguars safeies in the middle of the field.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:16 PM

Touchdown! To Gaffney. Cox fell down. He's having a rough day.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:17 PM

Orton's no dog. He's a good passer. They don't need to get rid of him. All they need to do is protect him.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:20 PM

Orton's thrown for 195 yards and a 125.9 passer rating. They didn't need to draft a QB. They should've drafted an offensive lineman.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:30 PM

The Broncos are walking out of the tunnel and across the field. They are absolutely limp. The Jaguars need to press their advantage. They need to start fast in the second half.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:34 PM

The Jags are winning on both lines and losing in the back on defense.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:36 PM

Offsides. That's a loss of concentation. Fatigue does that. Press it, guys, press it.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:37 PM

Jennings lowers the boom around left end for another first down. Turn out the lights for the Broncos defense.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:39 PM

Touchdown! Easy as pie; Garrard to Lewis. The LB didn't have a chance.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:40 PM

It appears the aliens came in air-conditioned cruisers at halftime.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:45 PM

Orton to Royal for a first down. Orton's good.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:47 PM

Sacked! That'll work.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:51 PM

Sims-Walker has one catch for no yards.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:54 PM

Denver is challenging the spot. I figured that was coming. Even if it's moved back an inch, they get a rest.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:55 PM

He didn't get it. I'm stunned. I don't get it, either.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:56 PM

They didn't get it. Broncos ball at the Jags 40. Oh, my.

Vic Ketchman @ 2:58 PM

Orton to Gaffney is the middle.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:00 PM

Pass interference on Considine or Cox. The ball is at the one. It's on Cox. The poor guy is having a really bad day.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:02 PM

The Jags need to give Cox help.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:04 PM

Touchdown? Moreno, one yard. We're tied. What a turnaround.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:07 PM

Special teams have been tremendous today. The false start on Smiley is not tremendous.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:09 PM

What a throw, to Thomas for a first down at the Denver 34. That is a huge play in this game.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:11 PM

Third and eight. This is big. What if they don't make it? Kick?

Vic Ketchman @ 3:12 PM

Good! Clutch kick.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:13 PM

The rain is here, so the Broncos have that going for them.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:15 PM

Cox may have just gotten the help he needed.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:16 PM

We've just gone from the fire to the pool. Florida weather is unbelievable.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:23 PM

Don't worry, I'm not gonna start singin' Sinatra. I'm gonna step out for a minute, head down to my office and get a pill.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:32 PM

They expect to resume play in 20 minutes.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:41 PM

The teams are returning but it is a downpour right now.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:49 PM

It'll be a 33-minute delay. We're ready to go.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:51 PM

Orton to Lloyd down the sideline. Cox beaten again. The Jags are challening that he was out of bounds.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:52 PM

I think this is going to stand.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:54 PM

No, this may be overruled. His left foot may have struck the ground out of bounds.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:54 PM

The Jags are now down to one time out.

Vic Ketchman @ 3:56 PM

Orton scrambles for a first down.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:01 PM

Jags hold. Broncos are going to try a real long field goal.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:03 PM

Underwood couldn't get away that time. The ball is at the Jags 17.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:04 PM

Whoa! Facemask on the Broncos. That helps big time.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:05 PM

Mo up the middle to the 50, but there's a flag. It's another facemask. That tells you all you need to know. They're grabbing.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:07 PM

QB draw gets a first down and Garrard's helmet knocked off.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:11 PM

The Broncos get good field position as a result of a celebration penalty against Osgood.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:13 PM

What a throw, what a catch by Lloyd. Orton threw into the face of the rush.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:15 PM

Orton will be facing a third and three. They're in two-down time, I would think.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:16 PM

Time out, Jags. That's their last.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:17 PM

Out of bounds. Jags take over. It was a back-shoulder throw. Lloyd is still down in the end zone.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:20 PM

Mo's poundin'. He's got control of this one. The Colts lost. I'll cry all night.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:23 PM

Everybody was covered. He played it safe, as he should've, and scrambled for a short gain. It's fourth down at the two-minute warning. The Jags defense has to make one more stand.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:26 PM

Cox has been replaced by David Jones.

Vic Ketchman @ 4:27 PM

Mathis nearly had an interception. He made a beautiful play on the ball. They won't go back there again.

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