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Walters on Jones


(on coaching converted wide receivers) "We had Drew Bennett in Tennessee, who was a college quarterback. He played a little bit of wide receiver, but not much. I think he caught eight passes in his career. He made the change very well because he understood the passing game very well. He didn't have a lot of bad habits to correct, because he didn't play receiver enough to develop any."

(on what Matt Jones will not have to learn) "First the obvious things – height, weight, speed – those are things you can't teach anyway. He has outstanding hands. He can really catch the ball. He is an outstanding basketball player and a great athlete. Most quarterbacks I have been around have always had great hands because they have their hands on the ball on every snap."

(on improvement areas) "What he is going to have to learn is the art of route running. He has to learn how to drop your hips and stop on the route. He will be able to learn those things quickly because of his athleticism. He is an outstanding athlete. You can see him do those things on the basketball court but haven't seen it on the football field."

(when did you see him first?) "The first time I saw him in person was at the Senior Bowl at practice, then I visited with him at the Combine."

(did he wow you?) "He looks like nobody I have ever seen before. I have never seen a guy as big as he is, run as fast as he did. That is what gets your attention first and then you see him catch the ball with the kind of hands he has definitely catches your eye."

(how long will the transition take?) "I don't have an answer for that. Only time will tell on that. I think he will adjust quickly since he has done things similarly."

(on getting him acclimated to the speed) "I think any rookie, when they get out on the field and get the feel of the speed, they will adjust. He will say, 'hey, now I get it.' I think he will adjust very quickly since he is a great athlete."

(on the development of Reggie Williams) "He will be just fine. A year in this league will do a world of difference. I think what happened to him last year is he missed a lot of the camps because of his class graduating late. I think that is a very important time for a young player coming in. I think with the current offseason program ongoing and him coming in working hard will make a great difference. He will know exactly what he needs to do to compete at this level."

(on the tall receivers) "I am looking forward to working with all of them."

(on where Jones will play) "I don't know yet. Hopefully he will be able to play everywhere."

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