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Wandering off, losing track

Alex from Austin, TX:
If Maurice Jones-Drew performs well this year, then asks for a new contract with one year left, will he get the deal he is looking for?
John: I honestly don't know how much the situation would change. This time next year Jones-Drew obviously will be a year older – i.e., a running back entering his eighth season. There is a perception that the clock is ticking fast on running backs in that situation. That's why it's easy to see why Jones-Drew is pushing for the new deal now. This is his time to do it. At the same time, the Jaguars are right to believe that because he has two years remaining on his deal they shouldn't have to rework it. Of such scenarios are tricky contract situations made.
Chuck from Tennessee:
If Mike Vick was a free agent do you think more teams would be interested in him than a couple? If so, who? If Mike Vick was to retire this year would he be Hall of Fame-bound?
John: I think more than a few teams would be interested. Some would be interested in him as a starter and others would be interested perhaps as a backup – but no question there would be interest. I honestly have no idea what teams those might be – ones in need of a quarterback, obviously. As far as if Vick would be Hall of Fame-bound if he retired this season, no, he would not.
Tommy from Jacksonville:
Take a break from the Jags for a quick second and tell us how you feel as someone who covers the sport for a living about the college football playoff that will be instituted. Good idea? Bad idea?
John: I'm fine with it. I'm an old-school guy and actually didn't mind the old, pre-BCS bowl system. I sort of liked it when all bowls were on New Year's Day, and even liked it when sometimes the top two teams didn't play each other. I wouldn't have liked it if I was a fan of a team that got left out of the national championship picture, certainly, because it wasn't always fair. It sometimes left you wanting for more, but it made more games interesting on New Year's Day, and I don't recall very many years when I wasn't interested in college football at the end of the season. This new system is probably superior and you will definitely get that feeling of closure at the end of the season and yes, players on some team will be able to put their finger in the air and say, "We're No. 1," so that will be solved. But one thing that always has been great about college football is the importance of every regular season game. I think that will wane a bit.
Duriel from Charlotte, NC:
Ben from Section 203: Who are the five greatest rappers of all-time? Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan. John, you seem like you woulda been a Chappelle Show fan.
John: I wasn't a hard-core fan of the Chappelle Show, but yes, it was very, very good.
Caleb from Jacksonville:
To answer Ben's question, it's Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan. It's because he spits hot fire.
John: It's Dylan's day.
Scott from Gilbert, AZ:
I agree with draft and develop, then patch holes temporarily with free agents. While I would never support a decision to bring in Ochocinco, I do agree with Greg from Neptune that 31 teams passing on a player doesn't necessarily mean he wouldn't be right for the 32nd team. All 32 teams passed on MoJo, and all 32 teams passed on Brady five times. If a guy can help your team (which Ochocinco very may help be a good fit in Miami), then you need to pull the trigger; regardless of what everyone else thinks. Mel Kiper had Derek Cox rated as the 114th best corner coming out that year, yet Gene believed he warranted a future second-round pick when none of the other 31 teams agreed with that assessment. You hear this quote all the time... "You only need one team to fall in love with a guy."
John: You're talking in a sense about two different things. During the draft process, it isn't uncommon for many teams to pass on players who eventually make it in the NFL. When it comes to older free agents, there is enough game tape and enough evidence of play against NFL-level players that teams know what a player brings. In the latter situation, having 31 teams decide that a player is done is perhaps a better gauge than the same situation in the draft.
Matt from West Covina, CA:
Speaking of players "losing a step," do teams clock players' 40 during each offseason and compare them to past seasons?
John: As a rule, they do not. The last true 40 time most NFL players run is at the NFL Scouting Combine.
John from Kingsland, GA and Section 217:
I know people sometimes say to take a break from football during the dead zone, but I don't want to. My family and I found this little gem on Netflix after Jaguars Movie Night last week. It's called "Friday Night Lights" the series, and we are absolutely hooked. At an episode a night it should carry us right up to opening day, or there about. Not sure why we didn't watch as it was originally broadcast, because it's great! Just thought I'd share.
John: Glad you found it. It was indeed a great show. I put it up there with the best series in recent seasons, and I'm not sure there ever has been a better sports-oriented series.
Kamal from San Francisco, CA:
About how many questions do you get each day?
John: Three. I pretty much wing the rest.
Laurie from Neptune Beach, FL:
To Edward from Atlanta: Just freaking ask her, dude. What's the worst that can happen? She says no? So freaking what? Be a man and ask her out. If you're too timid to do that, I can assure someone else will ask her out instead.
John: You think that's the worst that can happen? What about her ridiculing you, laughing, saying, "I have just been asked out by the biggest loser known to man" and her taking out a full-page ad in the local newspapers outlining your flaws. Not that that ever happened to me. Honest.
Alec from York, PA:
This whole fourth-quarterback line of questioning is crazy. Enderle has practice-squad eligibility; Palmer does not. We traditionally carry two quarterbacks on the active roster. If Palmer has no eligibility it is a way of having a quarterback that is practice-squad eligible if we decide not to keep three on the 53 man roster.
John: Yes. Yes, it is.
Nick-O from Hollywood, FL:
So O, what's the streak of days getting a streakin' question asking about the streak? This is almost getting entertaining. Carry on, sir, you do good work.
John: The streak of days asking about questions that ask about questions about the streak is now at one.
Mary from Jacksonville and Section 222:
When punting, is the distance measured from the line of scrimmage or where the punter actually kicks it? I can't wait to see Anger Management!
John: It is measured from the line of scrimmage. It's easy to confuse this because field goals are measured from the spot of the kick. You'll like what you see from Bryan Anger. If he punts in games as he does in practice – and there's no reason to believe he won't – it's impressive stuff.
Colleen from Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Compared to being 32nd last year offensively, how do you think the Jags will do this year with so many offensive-minded coaches, especially the head coach?
John: It's always hard to predict rankings, but I definitely think the Jaguars' offensive ranking will be improved. My guess is the Jaguars will be between 15th and 20th, somewhere in there. The reason I chose that ranking is because it's a new offense and there are young players learning it, there's a chance the Jaguars will start slow offensively. If this happens, the O-Zone will be flooded with emails and fans will be tempted to leap from bridges, but I always go back to what current Jaguars receiver Lee Evans said about Mike Mularkey's offense when it was being installed in Buffalo – that it takes a while to get going, but once it gets going it's very efficient. Because of that, I think you'll see steady improvement and a pretty solid ranking by season's end.
Scott from Chelsea, NY:
"Who is the most intimidating Jaguar, in your opinion? John: Ryan Robinson." You must know a different Ryan than I do.
John: Go to eat with Ryan Robinson and order a few different appetizers for the table. Wait until the appetizers arrive. Then tell me Ryan's not intimidating.
James from Charlottesville, VA:
James from Charlottesville, VA You want football players who are athletic, not athletes who play football.
John: I want a good night's sleep and a comfortable chair.
Dwayne from Jacksonville:
"John: I imagine I'll begin writing, lose track and wander off." Me too! No wonder I like you so much. I start to ask a question and
John: Yes. Often, that's what I'll do. I'll

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