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Weaver Family Foundation Supports Rainforests Bloom in Jacksonville Schools with New Curriculum

This spring, classrooms in R.V. Daniels and Susie Tolbert Schools have been abuzz with talk about the environment as students learn about the connection between their lives and rainforests around the world. To celebrate its school-wide adoption of the Rainforest Alliance's curriculum, both schools are conducting tours of their Jacksonville "jungles" on May 18 at 10:00am. An international nonprofit conservation organization, the Rainforest Alliance has been working with these schools to provide the resources needed to help students understand how their actions can help conserve fragile environments at home and in far-away places.


Students and administrators of R.V. Daniels and Susie Tolbert schools

Principals for Rainforest Alliance's education staff


Tour the Jacksonville Jungles at R.V. Daniels and Susie Tolbert on May 18 at 10:00 a.m. to see the curriculum in action

Susie Tolbert: 1925 West 13th Street

R.V. Daniels: 1951 W 15th Street


Thanks to the generous support of the Weaver Family Foundation, the Rainforest Alliance is partnering with Susie Tolbert and R.V. Daniels Schools to build environmental values among Jacksonville students. As an organization working to combat the world's environmental problems, the Rainforest Alliance believes in transforming values of the next generation of global citizens so that all people will be committed to work towards healthy and sustainable communities. The Jacksonville Jungle tours are the culmination of month-long environmental units during which teachers integrate the Rainforest Alliance's multidisciplinary curriculum with Florida State Standards to help connect their students to conservation at home and around the world.

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