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Wide Receiver D.J. Chark Jr. - August 27th, 2020

(On emotions over the last 24 hours) "So, I wasn't really too much aware of all the situations because I haven't been on Twitter and that's kind of like young peoples' news outlet. So, I hadn't really seen too much until this morning. It was brought to my attention as well as the rest of the team. Today is the first day that I saw the video. And for me personally, I can't speak for everyone, but it gets to the point to where I feel like I've—you see one, you've seen them all, because it's always the same situation. And we stand up and it happens again and again. And today, I commend Coach [Marrone] for bringing this to our attention this morning. And he gave us the whole morning, we all talked about it, we got a lot of frustration off of our chests, we looked for answers we—and we still have more. We still have more talking to do, it's definitely not close to being over. Ultimately, he gave us the decision as players that if we wanted to practice, it's on us, if not he understands. And we went to the locker room, players only, and we talked about it, we all had our differences. And whether you were on the side of practicing or whether you were on the side of not practicing, we came to an agreement that we would make a vote and whatever side is the side then we [were] all going to respect that and we were going to respect that decision as a team, we were going to do it. It was a really, really, really close vote, I'm not going to say who was on what side, but we decided that as a team, we're not going to let 5 or 10 people go out there and practice. We're going to practice together and that's what we did. And I think as a team, we took a big step today. And by practicing, by no means are we not being aware of the situation, we are deeply saddened by the situation and we're going to take the rest of this day to continue to talk about it."

(On the concern of games being cancelled moving forward with the chance of another incident happening) "I'm not concerned, honestly speaking, if that's the situation, I respect it. If that's what's going to get us answers, I respect it, I just want answers. Obviously, this is the way I live, [the way] I earn my livelihood. But if this is the way to come to a conclusion and the answer to stop all of this police brutality, I'd do it in a heartbeat. This personally affects me because I've been seeing this since I was a kid. I've seen instances where a man in Winnfield, Louisiana –where my mom is from, I forgot how old I was— got tased while he was in handcuffs, tased multiple times, died. It made CNN, we had celebrities come march, and they pushed the dates back of the trial. Eventually the [police officer] got off and we never heard of it again. So, if now a situation like this happens and the NFL [were to] say we'll stop, or the leaders were to interfere and say, 'We're going to stop football until we get answers.' 100 percent we're getting answers."

(On the answers he's looking for and results of progress) "From talking to my teammates today, one of the big things is a lot of people talk about these cameras being on and off. I think that's something that we need to get a universal for everyone. Today, I was made aware of that the police departments don't all follow the same structure. And I feel like if you're going to be a policeman, you should follow police—the same structure in the United States, whatever that structure may be. I think everyone should be held accountable under the same umbrella, kind of like in the NFL, every player on every team is held under the same umbrella. Personally, I would like—answers to me, would be arrest. I just can't get behind the idea that you can commit a crime—that since growing up I've been told that's the ultimate crime, taking someone else's life—and you can commit that crime and face no repercussions. So, a big thing is if we can get arrest for these cops and have them, even if they have to go to court and if they beat the case, or whatever, let the court decide that, but they deserve—I feel like everyone deserves to be arrested. I don't think that we should allow people, because of their occupation, to get away with things that just [aren't] moral."

(On response to someone saying athletes should stick to sports) "I mean, I say, take away sports, at the end of the day, we're all Americans. So, that's like me telling someone who has a 9-5, whatever the job may be, to stick to that and not venture out and try to make your community better. If you're not trying to make your community better, what are you doing? If you're not trying to lead this world, lead this earth with making a positive impact, what are you here for? Whether it's sports that gives you the platform, whether it's music, entertainment, whatever it is. If you have a voice, I think if you're contributing to something that is going to help, something that is positive, I think you should use it. They say, if you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all. I think that applies to everyone. But if you have something good, it should be heard. And if you don't know how to say it, you should still put it out there and find someone that you trust to help you word it the way you want it to be worded. But I think everyone should have a voice."