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Woodson welcomes Cousin

On April 20, newly acquired Jaguars cornerback Terry Cousin took time out to speak to children participating in the "Team Up" after-school program at Carter G. Woodson Elementary School located on Jacksonville's northside.

A native of Miami, Cousin was on hand to give support to the children in their studies and academic activities. He advised the students to listen to their teachers because they are there to help them.

"Your teachers care about you," said Cousin. "They want you to do well…they love you like you were their own children…even when they discipline you, it's all because they want to see you achieve and be successful."

Cousin, a nine-year NFL veteran who previously played for the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers, joined the Jaguars this spring.

"The more you do something, the better you get at it and that's with everything in life," said Cousin.

Before Terry spoke to the group of approximately 120 after-school kids, the teacher introducing him announced that Terry's birthday had just passed a few days ago. The students applauded and sang Happy Birthday.

After Cousin spoke, he stopped by all of the tables to sign autographs for the kids. When he got to one particular table, a little girl named Brittany said, "Happy Birthday! Here's a sticker for you." Terry replied, "Aw, that is so sweet. Thank you, Brittany."

On Cousin's way out the door, Brittany stopped him to give him a picture she colored. She wanted him to have it for his birthday.

"It touched my heart. She gave me her picture and remembered that it was my birthday," said Cousin.

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