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Yannick Ngakoue - Sunday, September 30, 2018

(On penalties) "There are certain penalties that shouldn't even occur. You know, there's only certain things you can control. And that's what we got to do, just be more composed throughout the whole game as a whole team."

(On being cautious as a defensive player to avoid penalties) "Yeah, I mean, definitely. We just hold ourselves to a certain standard of—definitely just putting the team on our back and making sure that we win all games that we can win. Like I said, our defense's standard and our philosophy is that it doesn't matter what other units are doing. All that matters is what we can do and stopping and shutting people down in every play. 

(On whether he got a sense that Head Coach Doug Marrone really wanted to win this game) "I get a sense every week from everyone to win everything. Here we go by quarters, and we try to win each and every quarter. We've got another game—great team we're playing next week. We've got [Kansas City], and that's what our focus is on now. Like I said, we've got to this win, enjoy it now—it's in the past."

(On his first sack of the season) "You know, it's a great feeling. As an edge rusher, I try to tell other guys you can't get frustrated. The guy that holds the single season sack record of NFL history is Michael Strahan and the first four weeks of that season he didn't even get a sack. So, you should never be discouraged. As an edge rusher, you should just keep rushing and it'll come to you."