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Yannick Ngakoue - Thursday, August 2, 2018

(On how training camp feels so far) "Camp is going great, getting better each and every day with my teammates." 

(On what he's working on at camp and how it's going) "Technique-wise, just working on everything. You never can work on something too much, and I'm just trying to refine my craft each and every day. Off the field I'm just trying to become a leader, vocally just trying to lead the guys in drills, even in team drills as well."  

(On if he's developed a new finishing move that he's added to his repertoire) "Absolutely." 

(On if he's done that in year's past) "No, not really. Going back to the Pro Bowl, just chilling with my big bro Von [Miller], we just talk about pass rush a lot and that's the side he loves to rush on a lot. Just kind of picked his brain a little bit about what moves to work on that side and he picked my brain on what moves to work on the other side so I could help him out, so that's probably where I got that from." 

(On if he's pleased with the new technique) "Yeah, I do. I like it a lot." 

(On what he's done to elevate his rush defense) "The same things, man, just hitting hard in the weight room, consistency. It's really just about how much you want it, playing the run. It's about having the knack to do it as well as the pass rush. Everybody likes to get to the quarterback and make sacks. You've got to have the same thing to be an all-around player, playing the run."  

(On if he's gained weight to play the run) "I'm the same weight, just got a little stronger."  

(On if there are different leadership expectations from teammates following a Pro Bowl season) "Definitely. Guys look up to me a lot, just seeing what I'm doing, so I just try to hold myself accountable. What it's coming to mean is being early all the time, just doing everything the right way, even on the field. I'm still a young player going into my third season, but I've taken on a role where I can be a leader." 

(On the best thing about this camp compared to last year) "I really can't answer that question. All I'll say is it's just the same. Everybody gets to come together. We get to grind. We're all going through the struggle together. Everybody knows camp is hard, but it's ultimately going to get me prepared for the season."  

(On if camp feels the same as last year) "Yeah, it's work, it's practice." 

(On if camp stinks all the time) "No, it never stinks. You know it's a hardship, it's the struggles you've got to go through and it's going to make you mentally and physically tougher for the season." 

(On his impression of Leon Jacobs) "I'm always impressed with a rookie if you can come in day one and get reps with the ones because that was my whole goal. When I was a rookie coming in, I wanted to be a starter day one. He's working hard, and I'm rooting for him."   

(On if the scheduled practice inside the stadium tomorrow night feels different than the practice field) "At the end of the day it's just football, but it gives a chance for our fans to come see us play and practice, and I feel like it just gets the juices going before this every season. Being here my rookie year, every time you have a scrimmage it means you are getting closer and closer to the season." 

(On the training camp battle against Cam Robinson) "It's been great. I tell him all the time I'm going to make him the best left tackle in the league. I don't ever hold up on him. I always go hard. I'm 100 percent because that's what he needs." 

(On the physicality with Cam Robinson during the pass rush drills) "He's way more physical from his rookie year, the sets, and he's very smart too. Now he's giving me different types of looks, different types of sets. Last year he'd give me the same sets so you can definitely tell he's starting to put more tools in his repertoire, so I'm very impressed. Like I said, he's going to be a real good tackle." 

(On if he feels like Leonard Fournette is faster this season) "Yeah, I feel like he's faster, just from seeing him catching the ball and exploding. I've seen him a couple of times, he caught a couple of routes and just was hitting it down the sidelines. I can tell he's been working hard. I'm definitely proud of him as well."  

(On if he's faster or feels different this year) "I definitely feel different. I put in a lot of work, a lot of focus, and it's not just about that. It's about the film study, so I'm really just trying to take that even more serious, putting even more time in."   

(On if he's better watching film this offseason) "Definitely. Comfortability. It's my third year in the same defense, in the same scheme, so I know what to look for now just watching formations in my opponent and seeing their different tendencies and things like that."