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You may have to wait

Jack Del Rio told reporters at Monday's press conference that he's not likely to tip his hand on who the Jaguars' starting quarterback will be this Sunday.

"I'd like to take advantage of the unknown and not give my opponent this week any jump on what we may or may not be thinking. I understand there is a desire to have more information and at some point I know we'll talk about that position, but obviously the day after the game it's more about reflecting on what happened (on Sunday) and, as far as this week's preparation is concerned, I'd just as soon hold that competitive advantage and not give it to them," Del Rio said.

That could mean that his decision as to whether Byron Leftwich or David Garrard is the starter at quarterback against the Tennessee Titans may not be made known until just before kickoff. Garrard is coming off a 13-6 win in Philadelphia; Leftwich hopes to prove his left ankle injury is healed.

Del Rio was asked on Sunday after the game if Leftwich was still his team's starting quarterback, and Del Rio all but said yes. "How many times have I said that over the last four years?" Del Rio said.

The Jaguars head coach was asked on Monday if his opinion has changed since Sunday. "No," Del Rio said.

Del Rio has never wavered in his commitment to Leftwich, since the seventh pick of the 2003 draft took over at quarterback for the Jaguars in the fourth game of his career. Del Rio's response on Monday would suggest Leftwich remains the team's official "starting quarterback," and whether or not he's the starter this week will be determined by Del Rio's view of Leftwich's recovery.

"I'm not making any proclamations," Del Rio said. "There won't be.

"I'll give you an injury report on Wednesday and we'll talk more after that. I think that's fair, isn't it?" Del Rio said.

It would be foolish to expect Del Rio not to play cat and mouse with Titans coach Jeff Fisher. It's typical coaching gamesmanship, but it's not likely the two quarterbacks will be kept in the dark.

With Garrard at quarterback in Philadelphia, the Jaguars ran for 209 yards and dominated time of possession. Garrard only completed 10 passes for 87 yards, but Del Rio said the Jaguars' reluctance to throw the ball was largely a result of the windy conditions.

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who was the second-ranked passer in the NFL, struggled to complete 18 passes for 161 yards.

"If you can run the ball and stop the run, that's a proven way to win in the NFL, but obviously there's more to it than that. You have to make plays in the passing game," Del Rio said.

Fred Taylor rushed for 103 yards and a touchdown, which earned him the offense's game ball. John Henderson got the game ball on defense and Alvin Pearman took the special teams version for his flawless handling of punts and his 29-yard return.

"We put him on the left side to match up against Sean Andrews," Del Rio said of Henderson. "He was all over the field."

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