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Zelenka pushing wagon

Every other Tuesday throughout this past football season, Jaguars long-snapper Joe Zelenka and many of his teammates could be found pushing the "Wolfie Wagon" around Wolfson Children's Hospital. The "Wolfie Wagon" is a snack cart filled with candy, chips, sodas, coloring books, t-shirts, balloons and more which volunteers push throughout the hospital to sell items to the children and their families.

During one of his regular hospital visits last summer, Zelenka noticed hospital volunteers pushing the "Wolfie Wagon" from room to room. At that time an idea dawned on Zelenka. "I wanted to push the Wolfie Wagon around the hospital," Zelenka said.

Zelenka agreed that he and his teammates would pay for whatever the kids and their families wanted from the "Wolfie Wagon." They could have whatever they want.

When asked why he wanted to do this Zelenka responded, "It's the smiles on the kids' faces. Knowing that a kid might be having the worst year of his life, knowing that I can go in and give him a piece of candy and make him smile and make him laugh. It brings a joy to my heart."

Zelenka and his teammates are joined each Tuesdays by hospital volunteers Nancy Rebenack and Nell Herfey. They introduce the players to the children and keep track of all the items being sold off the cart.

Rebenack has pushed the cart for the last 11 years and has been ecstatic to be joined by Zelenka and his teammates. "It's been terrific to see how Joe and his teammates interact with the children. It is very evident that they have a warm loving feeling for the children."

Herfey has learned so much about the Jaguars and who they really are. "They are so much more than just a football team. These guys love children and the "Wolfie Wagon" gives them a great tool to brighten a child's day."

Zelenka's plans are to continue making his visits to the hospital as long as he is in Jacksonville. "I love this that much," Zelenka added.

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