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Zelenka Teaches Geography

Jaguars Long Snapper Joe Zelenka participated in S.P. Livingston Elementary School's "People in The Community" program on Wednesday, March 31. He taught a group of second graders about geography by sharing some of the things that he has done in the community.

Joe introduced himself to the second graders by telling them about his role on the team. Most of the children weren't familiar with the long snapper position, so he called up three students for a demonstration; they really got a kick out of it! He also explained to the children how their role as students and his role as a football player are similar, "…You guys have textbooks, I have a playbook; you guys go outside for recess, I go outside for practice; you guys have homework, I study game film and practice film." Zelenka then added, "…Another neat thing about being a football player is that I can go out into the community and to schools, and meet kids just like you. I also get the opportunity to meet people from other countries around the world."

Joe then went into teaching mode, utilizing his minor in education, and pulled a map of the world down over the chalkboard and began telling the students about his trip to Greenland during the off-season. The children were so fascinated at how cold the temperatures were in Greenland. "Greenland is past the North Pole. It's so cold that if you take a glass of water and throw the water in the air, it will freeze before hitting the ground," Zelenka said.

After sharing his Greenland trip with the students, Joe quizzed the second graders on their state capitals. He called up several students to locate the capitals of Florida and Georgia, and to find Washington D.C. on the map.

Joe, along with members of the Roar and Jaxson de Ville, went to Greenland during the off-season to visit with U.S. Troops through Armed Forces Entertainment.

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