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Jags Teen Talk 2019

Since inception, the Jaguars have been more than a football team to the Jacksonville community. Coaches, staff and players have long served as mentors to the team's young fans.

Beginning in 1995, in a unique collaborative effort, every local television affiliate and public television independent station, along with other media, have partnered with the Jaguars Foundation to produce a television forum to encourage teens to make positive choices in their lives and increase positive communication between teens and parents.

The program has addressed many subjects including goal-setting, utilizing positive peer-support, preventing pregnancy, stopping bullying, cyber-safety, and understanding the development of the teenage brain. In each show, Jaguars coaches, players and members of the Roar have offered valuable advice to viewers. As the team celebrates its 25th season, the Jaguars Foundation 2019 Teen Talk – Game Plan for Success" TV show will look back at highlights from past shows and to the future in educating and inspiring the next generation of teens through this two-time Emmy Award winning program.

Full 2019 Jags Teen Talk Schedule:

WJXX ABC 25 – Saturday, August 31 @ 3:00am

WJAX TV 47 – Saturday, August 31 @ 2:30pm

WJXT 4— Saturday, August 31 @ 4:00pm

WJAX TV 47 Sunday, September 1 @ 4:00am

WCWJ 17— Sunday, September 1 @ 5:30pm

WJCT 7.1 – Monday September 2 @ 8:00pm

Comcast 440 – Monday September 2 @ 8:00pm

You can also find the show on XFINITY ON Demand – search Jags Teen Talk on your remote.