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Alex Smith: draft bust or savior?


Here we go… week 8 of the NFL season and for many teams the drama is in full swing. Larry Johnson decided to go all Twitter Sniper on himself and may have talked himself right out of a job in Kansas City. The Seahawks placed T Walter Jones on injured reserve which means Seattle will be a passing team moving forward. Jake Delhomme can't get the Panthers coaching staff to say he is the starting QB, which is since their other options are Matt Moore and A.J. Feely.

Fantasy update

### Start 'em

David Garrard: Tennessee is dead last in pass defense and Garrard is due for a good fantasy game after not throwing a TD in the previous two. I would have no problems whatsoever playing Garrard at QB1 this week.

Jay Cutler: It is hard to recommend anyone from the Bears these days, but playing the Cleveland Browns has a way of changing that. The Browns are 24th against the pass and ranked 8th worst in passing TDs allowed. Look for Cutler to go off since the Bears have forgotten about the run.

Kevin Smith: The Lions are a bad team; a really bad team. But St. Louis has a 27th-ranked run defense and the Lions are hurting at QB and WR. I am looking for Smith to walk away from week 8 as the #1 ranked fantasy RB.

Steve Slaton: A risky pick, I know. But the Bills are dead-last against the run and Slaton needs a big game to quiet some of the talk against him. Houston's passing attack is high-powered, but if this game gets out of control then Slaton should see enough carries to justify this pick.

Miles Austin: I normally hate putting a player in the start 'em section two weeks in a row, but Austin and the Cowboys go up against the Seahawks this weekend and Romo has found a new target in Austin. I'd play him as a top-end WR1.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh: I hate to make this pick because last time I did I got burned. The Cowboys are 22nd against the pass and the Seahawks just placed Walter Jones on the IR meaning they're more likely to pass than to run.

Jeremy Shockey: Shockey had a great week 7, but has been less than stellar the rest of the season. This week the Saints match up against the Atlanta Falcons and their 26th-ranked pass defense. Brees needs a good game here and Shockey should post back-to-back great weeks.

San Diego Chargers defense: The Chargers defense has been a disappointment much of this season, but this is the weekend to play them. The Raiders are division rivals and it is always a heated game when Oakland comes to town. Oakland is 2-5 and the Chargers are 3-3, San Diego needs this win to keep up with Denver.

Sit 'em

### Question of the week

Q: If, or when, the Chiefs let Larry Johnson go do you think the Jaguars will go after him to help MOJO out? (Kyle from Pensacola FL)

A: God, I hope not. Fans see players in one light and sports reporters and writers see them in another. Let me tell you from deep inside, LJ is not a guy that will bring a locker room into harmony. Me, me, me, me… maybe you… nope, me, me, me.

I think he might have just played himself into retirement. He hasn't been the same back for a few years now and was on his way out anyway. Remember, Johnson is not stranger to problems off the field.

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