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Let's get to it . . . Joe from Aurora, IL:
Any word on Pot Roast's weight? Has it been an issue this offseason like last? Do all coaching staffs have the same numbers in mind for each player, or would Mularkey's ideal weight for him be different than Del Rio's? Or is it all up to Coach Tucker?
John: Terrance Knighton doesn't say much about specifics when discussing his weight, and Mike Mularkey hasn't said what he believes Knighton's ideal weight would be. The important issue is while Knighton wasn't able to participate in the offseason program because of his eye injury, his weight appeared to stay in control and Mularkey several times expressed satisfaction with Knighton's approach in that area.
Mark from Jacksonville:
John, you are a great reporter. Don't depreciate yourself. Accept the credit we give you. Your ability to post the negative and inane comments fans leave and then respond to them in a positive and professional manner attests to your good character.
John: I am a golden god.
Clyde from Sanford, FL:
Can you give us any insight as to why Blaine Gabbert was wearing a left knee wrap/brace at minicamp?
John: Gabbert began wearing the brace last year in training camp. It's a precautionary measure in case the knee is hit as he is throwing and is a fairly common practice for NFL quarterbacks these days.
Pete from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
From To call Kevin Kolb a bust may be unfair, but he has trouble with accuracy, displays little touch on his passes, doesn't have dazzling arm strength, doesn't seem to get the offense, doesn't seem mentally tough and panics a bit too much. In other words, he's Blaine Gabbert....your thoughts?
John: This was from Mike Freeman of CBS, and to be honest, it's something we've seen before, heard before and read before. This is what we will see, hear and read until next season when Gabbert and the Jaguars play games and change the storyline. As for the current shots at Gabbert and the ones that will be taken until the storyline changes, they're nothing new, nothing clever and not really very interesting anymore, either.
Craig from Valhalla, NY:
Just went to, and found an article posting the new off-season power rankings! This is when you need to know to take a lot of what you read with a grain of salt. The article made me laugh... just a little.
John: That's good. Most O-Zone readers just start screaming.
Troy from Section 147 and Panama City, FL:
I attended minicamp. All I can say is, 'Wow, what a breath of fresh air at receiver and coaching staff and punter' – yes I said punter. On Day 2 – Day 1 for fans – I saw Anger's 82-yard punt. I talked with Coach Mularkey the following day and he said it's the furthest one he has seen. My point is even though it's early they really seem to be clicking. It will make it that much easier to make the four-hour drive from the redneck Riviera for games after seeing those practices. Also a big thanks to the players for all the thanks for coming out and autographs. It really means a lot to us fans.
John: Emails such as these are examples of why the Jaguars opened the two days of minicamps. What you saw is why the franchise is excited about next season and the future. There is an energy around a lot of things entering training camp, with an improved receiving corps, a developing young quarterback and a disciplined, focused coaching staff chief among them.
Mike from Fruit Cove, FL:
O-man, snap back to reality and quit posting from your personal inbox. You think anyone is dumb enough to believe those last two emails you posted (Saturday) were from real O-zone readers? They were way too civilized. Let's get back to the emails on how Gabbert is a bust, we're going to trade MJD, and the Jags are going to move to LA. The truth will set you free.
John: There's an easy way to tell the emails posted Saturday weren't from my personal inbox. People who know me aren't nearly that nice to me.
Joe from Fleming Island and Section 104:
Bigger impact on the final regular-season record, Eben Britton or Justin Blackmon?
John: I'd guess Blackmon. Although I absolutely believe that Britton – if healthy – will improve the offensive line, Blackmon's presence has the chance to make defenses adjust game plans. Making opponents adjust game plans is the first step to improving records. This might happen only occasionally during Blackmon's rookie season, but if it happens a few times it has a chance to have an impact on the record.
Phil from Woodmere, FL:
If the NFL wants a bigger pie to share, why not create a draft lottery for the Top 5 picks? This would be a new event for fans to tune into, and it could be analyzed, debated, discussed, and finally aired to the delight of millions. (And there's the added bonus of preventing teams from tanking at the end of the season, like the Colts did to get Andrew Luck. I don't care what you say, there's no way they were going to win in week 17.)
John: I won't say that will never happen, but there would be major resistance to the idea within league circles. The league for years has been built on trying to achieve parity, and the idea that the team with the worst record picks first is fundamental to that concept. The reason you don't see a push for a lottery is there never has been a huge problem with teams losing intentionally at the end of the season. That was an issue in the NBA – hence, the lottery – but despite your belief that teams tank, it's just not an overriding problem in the NFL. And yes, that includes the Colts last season.
Stalvey from Jacksonville:
The question of who will be our No. 1 receiver keeps coming up between fans in the comments. Who do you think will be our No. 1?
John: I believe Laurent Robinson will start the season as primary receiver in the offense for a couple of reasons. One is that he is familiar with Mike Mularkey's offense, but mostly, he is a veteran, which likely will make him more effective and productive early in the season than Justin Blackmon. In time, Blackmon may well emerge as the go-to receiver, but that could take into the second half of the season or beyond.
Sonny from Melbourne, FL:
This question is just for conversation. Don't think it will happen, don't want it to happen. MJD, Ray Rice and Matt Forte all want new contracts. You have the power to make a trade, MJD for Rice or Forte. Who do you pick?
John: It won't happen, because teams don't typically trade starting-level players for other starting-level players, particularly at the same position. I also wouldn't trade Jones-Drew for either of those players. His value to the team is greater than would be the value of either Forte or Rice. Still, if forced to choose between Forte and Rice, I'd choose Rice because of his versatility.
Chris from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
The player that I see being a difference-maker for the Jags offense in 2012 is Zach Miller. He has the skill set; his issue has been staying on the field. Who is the player that you see being a game-changer?
John: Zach Miller fits that category and as you say, staying on the field will be the issue. If he can, he has the speed, hands and athleticism to make the Jaguars' offense better. I'd put Cecil Shorts potentially in that category. He appears to be improving with the coaching of new wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan. Whether they'll be highlight-reel guys who produce huge statistics remains to be seen, but I'd put them both in the category of guys whose improvement can help the Jaguars' offense be better.
Steve from Nashville, TN:
You have talked about a defensive end rotation. How is this going to work and who is going to be rotating through it?
John: Defensive line is a position at which backups play extensively. While who starts is significant, the backups play enough that you need three and sometimes four players at tackle and end. My guess is that Jeremy Mincey and Austen Lane start the season as the starters at end, with Andre Branch playing extensively and possibly starting at some point. George Selvie and Aaron Morgan are two guys who could get into the mix, as could rookie free-agent Ryan Davis. The last three will be among those fighting for the last couple of spots on the active roster, with anyone on the active roster likely being in the rotation. John Chick also will be a factor depending on how he returns from a knee injury.
Jona from Karlsruhe, Germany:
O, do you get any incentives for consecutive O-Zones and honorable mentions on If not you should consider renegotiating your contract. But please don't hold out.
John: My incentive is ensuring my security code works at EverBank each morning. So far, so good.

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