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Bears Wide Receiver Allen Robinson: Sunday, December 27, 2020

(On the mindset of the team ahead of Week 17) "We haven't even thought that far yet. We know what kind of team we're playing against next week, and we know what type of team is coming into Soldier Field. So for us, we want to enjoy it for the next couple of days and then we're going to be locked in strong for next week. Like I said before, this team knows what's on the line, and we know what's at stake. Everybody's been locked in, everybody's going to continue to be locked in, and I'm looking forward to it."

(On what allowed the Bears to be so successful in the third quarter) "Nothing too much. We felt we left some plays out there in the first half. I think we had three or four possessions in the first half, so I felt we moved the ball well, we punted once, I believe. So it wasn't anything different. We just wanted to stick to our game, execute on third downs down the field, get the run game going a little bit. We were happy to do those things in the third quarter."

(On how confident is the team going into next week with a chance to make the playoffs) "Very confident. Like I said before, it all comes down to executing. Players got to make the plays, and we've got to execute. I think if we continue to put ourselves in good position - that's first down, second down, third down, everything like that - we'll be fine. I thought we got into the red zone a decent amount, but we've got to capitalize and try to get 100 percent on touchdowns, but for the most part we moved the ball, we played good football, stayed ahead of the chains, converted on third down a decent amount. I thought we played well today. We've just got to keep doing that. The name of the game for us right now is execution."

(On what did returning to Jacksonville mean to him) "Coming down here means a lot. Obviously this was where I was drafted. Still a lot of people in the organization that I have relationships with over the years as far as strength coaches, trainers and things like that. For myself, I still thought I could've played better. I had a decent game, but I still thought I could've played better. It was fun coming down here and getting the win. Seeing all the Bears fans that we had in the stadium and things like that – it was exciting."

(On if he can feel next week already) "Most definitely. Like I said before, since day one I said the biggest thing you want in this league is playing meaningful games in November into January. That's where we find ourselves right now, so it's going to be exciting, especially against Green Bay, a divisional opponent. I think everybody's looking forward to it."

(On the biggest thing Mitch Trubisky is doing now that he wasn't doing before) "It's tough to pinpoint as far as for him, but again I think the biggest thing is the communication that we've had across the board, from coaches to players and players to players, I think that's the biggest thing. We're going out to practice and we're talking through plays like if we get this look, if we get that look, this is how this is going to be run – so we're all starting to be on the same page now and I think you see that and everything's starting to click. We're becoming more effective. The main thing I said before is continue to communicate, continue to execute, and I think we'll continue to play well."