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Black History Month | Content Creators: Kam Nedd

Jaguars Black History Month Kam Nedd Team Photographer

Where are you from?

  • Philadelphia, PA

What was your journey getting to your role?

  • I started as a media specialist for Old Dominion University's Division of Student Engagement & Enrollment Services — producing content for our social/digital platforms (s/o @ODUSEES) while freelancing for ODU Athletics. Through hard work, I earned opportunities to work with NFL team photographers — first as a card runner (Panthers), then as a freelance photographer (Texans) and finally as an intern and contractor (Vikings). These experiences made way for my current role as the Manager of Photography for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What elements of who you are get incorporated into the content you create?

  • The way I see the game and the stories I want to tell are expressed through the content I create.

Who inspired you?

  • Nipsey Hussle. His marathon mantra has gotten me far in my career, through adversity and keeps me going when I feel complacent.
  • The Marathon Continues
  • "I could tell a long story or just say I'm grateful…" - Nipsey Hussle

Advice to aspiring Black creatives?

  • There's not one path to success as a Black creative, but you can get far with the right mindset. Just keep going and put in the work — the extra work. The work you'd sacrifice nights/weekends for. Be willing to do the hard work consistently. That's how you make it count. Take risks and bet on yourself because closed mouths don't get fed.
  • Always be confident in what makes you unique because that's your greatest strength. Above all, seek constructive criticism from mentors you respect in your field. They will provide invaluable feedback that will raise the bar you set for yourself and your work. That's how you continue to improve. That's how you KEEP GOING.

Favorite part of working on your team or with the Jaguars?

  • The people I get to work with.

Favorite memory or moment with Jaguars?

  • The locker room after winning the 2022 AFC South Division.

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