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Browns Defensive Tackle Sheldon Richardson: Sunday, November 29, 2020

On the Browns defense making key stops despite missing DE Myles Garrett and CB Denzel Ward and S Ronnie Harrison sustaining an injury:

"Good job by (S Andrew) Sendejo for doing his job, being there in positions to be able to make the play. I do not know if they even should have been that close to the end zone on that series. I do not understand how you can tackle a quarterback when he ducks and takes away the tackling surface. You can't hit him in the legs, you can't him in the head and they move and get to duck too so I do not understand that rule. Just want the game to be fair."

On the Browns' mentality to keep responding despite unfavorable circumstances:

"Just a resilient squad. We are a resilient bunch. It is not over until it is over, and that is how we move and that is how we keep it pushing."

On Jaguars QB Mike Glennon's performance compared to what he was expecting:

"More so their coaching staff had a descent gameplan that kept it simple for him. Kudos to those boys to even be able to stay in the game with the stops we had. Their running back (Jaguars RB James Robinson) is legit. They have a decent squad honestly. I do not understand how their record is like that, but he did what he was supposed to do. Got quick throws out. Max protect. He put the ball in areas where his guys could get the ball. He really did his job."

On how well the Browns defense played today:

"We got a W so that is all that matters."

On dealing with schedule changes due to COVID-19 and unexpected situations this season and week and producing wins:

"Coach K (Head Coach Kevin Stefanski) keeps us that way. Even though we were missing days, there were still meetings going on. Even like tomorrow, we are supposed to have victory Monday, but we have to watch film. He is pretty strict on that stuff. It is what it is as far as us not being able to be in the building like that so we have to get it in how we can. We roll with the punches. That is one thing about this team that we have been doing is that no matter what has been thrown at us, we have just been able to just keep it pushing. Get in the gameplan and executing."

On how good the Browns defense can be:

"What are you asking me? How good this team can be? We are 8-3 right now. That is good. Until we get another win or another loss, that is how good we are going to be."

On if ever experienced not practicing until Friday like the Browns did last week:

"No. Not at all."

On how he personally dealt with not being able to practice until Friday:

"Well, I enjoyed it. You get to be able to be home a little bit extra and got to rest the bones a little bit. Still got a light workout in. Really can't complain."

On Harrison getting hurt on the first play against his former team and how the Browns overcame the injury:

"It was tough. Honestly, it was just real tough just watching him do it. I knew what it meant to him. You can tell he hit him kind of hard on that first play, and it was just a little too hard for his own shoulders. It happens, and I am sorry that it happened to him. I wish him a speedy recovery, but we had the next man up. We did our job to get a W."