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Browns Running Back Nick Chubb: Sunday, November 29, 2020

On the team's resilience with all of the distractions during the week and still earning the win: 

"It is a mindset thing. We knew that we had to come in here and win, no matter what. I think this team understood that. We knew they were not just going to roll over. They are a one-win team, but they are a very talented team and very good. They were not going to have a wounded-dog mentality so we knew were going to get their best shot. We played a great team, and we are happy to come out with a win."

On picking up first downs on the final drive: 

"It was just the offense putting our mind to it. We knew we had to end the game. Whether it was run or pass, we had our minds set on ending the game and ending the game right there. We were able to accomplish that." 

On the screen pass: 

"I saw it blocked pretty well. When I caught the ball, there was someone in my face, but a blocker (G Joel Bitonio) took care of him and I was able to bounce it out, cut inside to get the first down and end the game." 

On the team's mindset over the past few weeks to stay focused: 

"We are finding a way to win. I think that is a sign of a good team – find a way to win no matter what. That is what we have been doing the past couple of weeks. We have been down in some games and teams have been close. I know our defense is going to find a way and special teams are going to find a way to win." 

On if the team's resilience also comes from the coaching staff:  

"It comes from everybody. The coaches are definitely doing a great job of instilling it inside of us. We are finding a way to win games. They are leaving it on us, and we are finding a way to win." 

On what makes him different from other RBs who celebrate after big plays: 

"I don't know. That is just who I am. I not really one to celebrate until the game was over and we win. That is when I will celebrate. Until, then it is all about trying to get the next play down and get a win."

On WR Jarvis Landry's performance: 

"It was great. I am happy for Jarvis. He had a great game. It was his birthday yesterday so that is special, too. I am proud of him and happy for him. I look forward to seeing that every week from now on." 

On the example Landry set prior to this week's game with lower numbers: 

"Definitely. He kept his head straight, never gave up and he stayed focused. I feel like we all have been at a point where things are not going our way, but you have to keep pushing through that. That is what he has done, and it turned out good for him. He had a great game." 

On QB Baker Mayfield's reaction to errors throughout the game and if he ever doubts that Mayfield will bounce back from those plays: 

"I have no doubt at all. I know Baker is a warrior and he keeps fighting. If he does miss a play here or there, I know we are going to get the next play. At some point, he is going to make a big play for us as he always does. He never gives up. That is part of who he is and thatis who our team is." 

On if Mayfield give the team a specific message after those plays: 

"No. He doesn't say anything. We can always tell if he is upset with himself when he doesn't make the play. He expresses it, and we see it, but we understand. It is just a next play mentality for us and we are going to go on to the next play." 

On what goes through his mind seeing the Browns at the top of the wildcard spot:

"Nothing at all." 

On if he pays any attention to the playoff standings: