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Buy low and sell high


Who can overlook the fantasy weekends turned in by Chris Johnson, Frank Gore, Matt Schaub, or Andre Johnson? On that note, some guys we would like to forget about are Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Tony Romo, Reggie Wayne, and Greg Jennings. Like any good game, we can't dwell on what happened last weekend, so we must move on to this weekend. This week I thought I would switch it up a little and give you some guys to sell high on and others to buy low on.

Sell High

##### Buy Low

Donovan McNabb: McNabb is injured and that knocks his value down; Michael Vick is on the roster, strike two; Kevin Kolb threw for 391 yards and two TDs in week two, strike three for the fickle-hearted McNabb owners. People are talking QB controversy and McNabb is the man in Philly.

Matt Forte: Forte only has 84 rushing yards and no TDs in the first two games, so owners are starting the bust talk. Jump on Forte before this weekend when the Bears try and establish the running game.

Pierre Thomas: Mike Bell looked good the first two weeks, but the job was Thomas' before the season started for a reason. Thomas is back this week and Bell is injured, so now is the time to buy low.

Antonio Bryant: Bryant has an injury problem, but he is a talented receiver that is better than most when he is on the field. Word is he may be back by this weekend, so now is a good time to buy low.

Baltimore Ravens Defense: The Ravens have given up 50 combined points to the Chiefs and Chargers, but the Ravens defense is better than they look. I wouldn't have any problems buying low on them if the price is right.

Start Em'

##### Sit Em'

Brett Favre: I don't know why so many people are so high on Favre; he has done nothing to show such faith yet. I remember the days when 264 yards and three TDs was a single game line, not a season line.

Matt Cassel: The Chiefs paid a lot of money for a guy that looks injury prone and has a sketchy supporting cast. Dwayne Bowe is every bit as good as Randy Moss, but the Chiefs have more problems than Cassel can overcome this week.

Marion Barber: Marion "The Barbarian" is trying to practice this week enough to play on Monday, but even if he does play it will be limited action. I would sit him until next week just in case the Cowboys decide not to risk further injury.

Joseph Addai: Addai is not the back he once was and now he has to look over his shoulder with Donald Brown in the mix. I wouldn't even want to own Addai, but if you do I wouldn't suggest playing him unless you have to. The stats are just too erratic.

Wes Welker: The problem with Welker is not just his knee, but the Patriots ideology when it comes to reporting injuries. I have him on the bench right now, but make sure you check the game-time inactive list to see if he does play. If he plays, he is a safety blanket for Tom Brady.

Devin Hester: Hester hasn't been the star of the Bears passing game so far this season and he is starting to remind me a lot of Dante Hall. Johnny Knox and Earl Bennett look like better options than Hester and it is only a matter of time before the Bears realize that, too.

Ben Watson: People got too hyper over the first week's stats from Watson, don't fall into that trap. Watson has never done what he was supposed to do and I won't be starting him this weekend.

New York Jets Defense: The Titans can put points on the board and Chris Johnson is, well, Chris Johnson. The Jets are ranked #1 in total yards against at 241.0 YPG, but I think this is the week that bubble gets busted.

Question of the Week

I'm going to pick up a receiver in free agency this week. I was on the Jaguars website looking for info on Mike Sims-Walker. Can u give me some and if you had the choice which would you take, Sims-Walker or Johnny Knox from Chicago? Thanks for taking the time to read this and please get back to me by Thursday afternoon so I can get my free agent pick in. (Dan Quinn from Philadelphia, PA)

Thursday... don't you know Dan that I answer within the hour?

Sims-Walker: Only had 16 receptions for 106 yards and 1 TD last year, but that translates to a 17.7 YPC average. Now with Williamson out he is expected to start opposite Torry Holt and is an interesting waiver wire addition. He has some knee issues to deal with, but he had six catches for 106 yards and touchdown in Week 2.

Now, Johnny Knox has big play potential, much more than Bennett which is why you saw more of his and less of Bennett last week. According to Bears beat writer Brad Biggs, it "won't be surprising" if Johnny Knox pushes for Earl Bennett's starting job soon. Knox replaced Bennett in two-receiver formations for the second half of Sunday's win over the Steelers. I would expect a rotation to limit both Bennett and Knox's value right now.

Bottom line... I think the smart on-paper choice is Knox with Cutler being a bigger throwing threat, but I like Sims-Walker more personally. Torry Holt isn't what he once was and that will allow Sims-Walker to get more looks.

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