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Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn: Sunday, October 25, 2020

(Opening Statement) "Our goal was to be 1-0 this week, we got that accomplished. It wasn't pretty but we didn 't think it was going to be easy either. We needed this win in a bad way, they needed a win in a bad way and we found a way to get it done. So, I was proud of the guys for that but man, we have a lot of work to do and it's going to take a lot of character, a lot of hard work to get it done. I feel good about this team and feel like we can get that done."

(On giving praise through the season) "You don't know what the hell I do when I am talking to my quarterbacks. I might praise them when we are having one-on-ones or whatever, but after game's and press conference's? No, I haven't praised anyone in the last four weeks because we haven 't won. I haven't praised myself. That's just the way it is. He [QB Justin Herbert] got his first victory today and I am so happy for him that he got his first win, but we needed that win as a team. I am happy for the team right now. He was a major contributor today in us getting that done . He stood in there when he knew he was going to be hit and he delivered the ball in some critical situations . He took off, he created with his feet when things wasn't happening in the air and he extended drives that way.He showed that he has that versatility to hurt you with his legs and with his arm."

(On QB Justin Herbert's playmaking in the two second half drives) "I love the fact that he executed, and his teammates responded to him in those situations, without a doubt. A couple times there, I needed him to get down you know, he put his shoulders down and ran over someone. The sideline kind of erupted when he did that, that's the way he leads sometimes, but in this league, I want you to slide."

(On how the defense played) "You know, we will watch the tape tonight and I'll let you know tomorrow. I saw some good things on the field but also, I saw some bad things in all three phases. I d o n't think the defense played poorly , but we need to be better."

(On going back to the dime package change) "Well, we brought up [SJ Jahleel Addae for the first time and that was something we did a lot when we had Jahleel and he was very good in that package. He gave us a little more versatility in the box as a sure tackler and a cover guy, so we took a look at that again."

(On QB Easton Stick entering the game) "What was that? That was us just throwing everything we had at them. You know we throw speed sweeps, we throw round s, reverses. We threw East o n Stick in there. You know, I like to throw thing s early out there and make teams think ab o ut it and then just bring your offense."

(On the Stick package) "Well some of those were quarterback driven plays where he may have to run the football, I don't want to put Justin [Herbert] in a situation where he may have to run the football too many times. I don't like my quarterback getting hit."

(On team's response after Jacksonville took the lead in the third quarter) "That was growth, we could have easily said, "Here we go again. We've had a lead, we've lost a lead and here we go again," but I love the way the team fought back and took control of that football game."

(On Herbert's play being spontaneous or schematic) "Some of that was scheme but a lot of that, I would say half of it, was on his own. It was just him growing up and knowing when to leave that pocket and knowing when to stay in there and throw it."

(On the speed sweeps opening the running game in the first half) "Like I said, just throwing different things at them that they have to prepare for you really want t o get a defense on their heels and off their toes early and that's what the speed sweeps and the package that 's kind of what that is all about. But it was productive though, it was efficient."

(On Herbert's 30-yard run being designed or read-option) "Yes, it was a read-option."

(On Herbert's mobility and balancing that with protecting him) "Well, that's what I did. I took a couple of those plays off his plate when I brought in [Easton] Stick. In this league, he is going to have to know when to get down and when to stay up, so you can hurt a defense when you make them play ll-on-11, they don't like that - but your quarterback's got to learn to slide and get down and not take that unnecessary hit. [His mobility] won't be the focal point of our offense, no, but every now and then you may see something like that."

(On K Michael Badgley missed field goals) "You know Michael is, he's never been in a stretch like this that I can remember. He is going to have to dig deep, he's going to have to come out of it, but I have all the confidence in the world in Mike."

(On special teams) "Well, special teams is not exempt from execution like offense and defense. They didn't execute their play on the blocked punt. We have a young man that is responsible for that gap and he did not get it done. I do like the fact that they went down and caused a fumble and gave the offense the ball and great field position and we scored. So, it's a lot to clean up."

(On how the defense played and responded to Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew II) "Well, the defense can get better. We gave up, what 30 points, I mean yeah , we can get better. Early in that game we got on that big lead, our defense came out and we got them on and off the field so that the offense could get the ball back. We have to sustain that and it 's still a work in progress."

(On Herbert spreading the ball around to different receivers and players) "I think he's spreading the ball around just fine if you're asking me. I like where the ball has been going in these games. We design plays for certain guys, but also we take what the coverage give us and he is getting better and better at that."

(On if he was happy with second half adjustments) "Yeah, we won the game, so I guess I'd have to say yes but like I said there's a lot of work."

(On sensing the team's low energy when leading by 16)"Well I sense them fighting back and making a few plays . This is the Nati onal Football League , people aren't just going to lay it over for you - they sure didn't, they fought back just like we figured they would. I was proud of the way we responded when we needed to take the game over at the end."

(On whether he had the 'Oh here we go again' feeling) "No, my focus is on the four quarters of football and doing everything we can to get the game won and that's just what my mindset is."

(On WR Joe Reed) "Yeah, we want to get him back in there as a returner because I do believe he's going to return a kick or two [for a touchdown] this year before it's all said and done and I just want to get him back going because he's so versatile; we use his as a wide receiver, as a running back, and with the lack of depth we have in running back right now, you never know, a couple guys go down and Joe might have to go play running back. He can do so many different things, I thought it was important to get him back up."

(On how he feels after the game) "Yeah, I'm relieved that we got the win, no doubt about it but make no mistake about it - we are swimming upstream and it's going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of character to turn this thing around. We're sitting here 2-4 with ten games left, so a lot of good can happen."

(On the team's resolve) "It's definitely the resolve that you're looking for, but I'm looking for leadership on this team, for guys to step up and take charge. For the first time, I didn't say one word to this team before the game. I didn't say one word to this team at halftime and I didn't say one word when we were down because I'm looking for players to step up and take charge and I feel like they did that today."

(On which players stepped up) "Well I'm not out there on the field with them so I don't know what they're saying but from what I can see, [NT] Damion Square is a leader on this team, [NT Linval] L-Jay [Joseph] is a leader on this team , [CB] Casey Hayward [Jr.]."

(On three touchdowns scored in the third quarter) "The guys executed. You've got to block up front, give Justin Herbert time to deliver down the field. We have some talented wide receivers, some young guys that not a lot of people know about but they are coming along just fine. There's [WR] Jalen Guyton, made another big play for us today - Justin [Herbert] put a pretty ball out there and he caught it and he ran it for a touchdown so guys making their plays is what I saw."

(On how impressed he is with Herbert) "I'm impressed when he leads this team out there and we win. Justin is a big-armed guy, good athlete - we do a lot of work on this young man, he's our franchise quarterback for a reason. The skill and the physical part of this - we know that he has that we expect that. I'm excited about the way he's going about mentally and how this team is responding to him as a young leader."

(On where he saw Herbert grow) "Well, he was determined to keep his team on the football field and move the ball down the field and do whatever it took; that's all."

(On Herbert leading the team in rushing) "That is not a recipe for success when your quarterback is your lead rusher. That's what I'm saying about his growth, he took charge today and made some plays with his legs when things weren't work ing in the passing game. So to me, that's not a bad thing, but you don't want that."

(On the first win at SoFi and celebrating in the locker room) "Well it was nice to work your tail off and plan and go out and execute and get a win. Our goal was to go 1-0 this week and that's what we did, we finished the day 1-0; guys are going to celebrate today and tomorrow we go back to work."