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Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert: Sunday, October 25, 2020

(On his performance) "I think we put together a full game. That was something we wanted to do, and something that we emphasized during practice this week and something we haven't been able to do the past couple of weeks. I'm really glad of the way the guys battled today and put together all four quarters."

(On his first victory) "It's an awesome feeling, especially the way things have happened over the past couple of weeks. It's good for us to get out there, execute, and put together a full game. The defense stepped up big, and special teams as well. We put up points and I think that's the most important thing."

(On the touchdown to WR Jalen Guyton) "We saw man coverage and I know Jalen Guyton is a special guy on the outside like that. Any time you get a match up like that you want to give him a shot. He got past the guy , we had great protectio n. I put the ball up, and he made a great catch. He somehow avoided the tackle and got in the endzone."

(On finishing the game) "It's huge. It's a big step forward and it's something that we're going to build off of and learn from. We still have to watch the film and get better from some things but moving forward it 's a big step for us."

(On being rusty) "I don't think so. I think we went down and put up some points on the first drive. We got up, I think 16 points, and I think that is what we wanted to do. We put up 10 points in the first quarter . We'd like to continue to play the way we are. We put together four quarters today, and I'm really proud of the way the guys batt led."

(On conversations in the huddle) "Just keep attacking knowing that we had the right guys out there and the right game plan. It's all about just executing, and that's what we did. We stuck together throughout those four quarters and got the ball moving. Good things will happen."

(On the third quarter) "Go out there and execute. It is a great opportunity for us to go out there and run what we've been running.[We] know what we have to do, push the ball downfield and run the ball. We kind of started out with a slow start in the third quarter, but things picked up and we kept executing. [We] kept chopping wood and finally got in the end zone like that."

(On being a leader) "I think the quarterback always has to be a leader. Just the way you command the huddle, handle the offense and things like that. Going forward we've learned a lot. To put together four quarters like that today was huge for us. It's a big step forward. I know we're going to have another great week of practice and get ready for our next game."

(On the team camaraderie) "It's been huge. At the end of the day it's just us in that locker room and we have to rely on one another and execute. We can't point fingers. We can't blame other people. We just have to execute. We have to come together and that's what we did. When the offense wasn't going, the defense picked it up. When the defense wasn't going, we picked it up. That's what it's about; putting together four quarters and I was really pleased with the way the guys battled today."

(On the victory) "Enjoying the victory, shaking hands with some of those guys and just celebrating in the locker room with those guys. We have 24 hours to enjoy this one, and then it's on to the next opponent."

(On his performance) "I think we put together a full game. That was something we wanted to do, something that we emphasized during practice this week and something we haven't been able to do the past couple of weeks. I'm really glad of the way the guys battled today and put together all four quarters."

(On the long run) "It was a read option. Unfortunately, I was running as fast as I could, and I wasn't able to get the corner. Hopefully next time maybe I get a little faster and get around there, but yes it was a read option."

(On QB Daniel Jones' run) "He's definitely pretty fast. I didn't quite get up to that speed but, any time you're able to keep the ball and force them to play 11-on-ll it's big for us."

(On touchdowns to the tight end) "We think really highly of our tight ends. All those guys - [TE Virgil] Virg [Green], Donald [Parham Jr.] and Hunter [Henry] - they make plays, Stephen [Anderson] as well. Any time you can get them out there, it poses a threat. It poses an advantage for us. You have to take advantage of that. [Green] made a great catch in the end zone, and Parham's was spectacular as well."

(On the wide receivers and tight ends) "It's huge. To have guys like Hunter [Henry], Keenan [Allen] and Mike [Williams], they change the game for us. Sometime when they get doubled you need those [guys] to step up. Jalen Guyton, Tyron Johnson and even Joe Reed, today, stepped up big time. I'm just really happy for those guys."

(On perseverance) "We really believe in each other. That locker room, it's tight, and those guys in there take care of each other. Like I said earlier, we're not going to point fingers, we're not going to blame each other, we're going to stick together. It got a little dicey out there when they blocked the punt, and we got down, but we never got down on ourselves. We knew that we were going to go back out there the next drive, the next play, take care of business and good things will happen."

(On his versatility) "I think it gives us a big advantage. Any time you can force the defense to play 11-on-ll it gives us an advantage. It's pretty fun to run the ball too, so any time I get the chance to keep it I have to be smart about getting down or getting out of bounds. I think it poses a great threat for us."

(On the team's growth) "It started with practice. Emphasizing that we have to put together four quarters of football. Sometimes you'll have a good start of practice, but don't finish it well. This week it was all about finishing the entire practice and putting together everything. When we got out in the game today I think we were able to do that pretty well. We didn't score on every possession but, we kept balling and good things like that happened."

(On it being a team effort) "Honestly, I think it starts with the guys up front The linemen. The way they've been protecting the past couple of weeks - and any time you've got guys like TE Hunter Henry, Keenan [Allen], Mike [Williams], Jalen Guyton, Tyron [Johnson] - they step up big and make my job a lot easier, as well as Justin Jackson and Joshua Kelly on check downs. They change the game for us. Whenever you get that all put together with a great game plan, good things will happen."

(On what it takes to win) "It takes four quarters, that's for sure. The margin of difference between teams in the NFL is so small compared to college. You have to put together four quarters. That's probably the biggest difference. What we were able to do today was awesome. Like I said, we didn't score on every possession, we didn't shut them out every time but, we kept playing and kept fighting. At the end of the day we won, and I think that's huge for us. "

(On being a quarterback in the NFL) "I don't think I've changed my game any way. I think I've just grown and developed, and I've got a better understanding of the game. Some of the weapons here, I think they're the best in the word, and any time you get them on your team it's going to be huge. I have to do a good job of taking advantage of those guys, and getting them the ball because they're the ones who make the plays."