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Colts Quarterback Philip Rivers - September 13, 2020

(On his two interceptions in today's game) "I think us as players, just from my time with [Head Coach] Frank [Reich], he's always going to do his best to shield us from the blame when he can. But, shoot, ultimately the ball's in my hand. You know, the corner just came off the outside receiver, which they had not shown and then they really didn't show again. We didn't allow them to do it again based on some of the different concepts we used moving forward after that play. So whether it was two-man and he trapped it or not, I don't know. I thought the guy was out of there. He wheeled back and made a play off, [I] felt it right as I let it go. So obviously that was a big one. The one late to Parris [Campbell], I just felt Parris was going to cross his face. He was trying to cross his face. I just thought he could beat him to the spot there on that third down and then obviously the defense did a heck of a job getting the stop, three-and-out right there and getting us another shot. But I think it's really what I said earlier in the week, it was going to come down to turnovers and penalties. I said pre-snap, but turnovers and penalties, and then just our fundamentals and technique. I mean, there was a play, really before the first fourth down we went for, having the chance to make it 14-0, that I kind of jumped my eyes off of him [Jack Doyle] and threw a short hit over there to Zach [Pascal]. We got five yards but Jack [would have] scored a touchdown. It should've been 14-0, so things that like where just discipline with my eyes and then the turnovers and then the penalties that stalled drives. I know we went for a couple of fourth downs, but we didn't punt today and [had] 500 and something yards of offense. But the name of the game is to score more points than the other team. We didn't get that done. It's early in the season. Obviously, we have a long way to go and a lot of areas we can improve in, but I think we'll get that done. So a lot of positives today, but ultimately, it wasn't enough."

(On if he was trying to be too aggressive when he threw the interceptions) "The first one, again, you can say they fooled me, but they really didn't. It was something they had not shown, the corner falling off, two deep, and two man or anything they had done. Whether it was two man or not, there was just a carry and then he turned, not to get overly football schematic with you. So the first one I have to chalk it up to [that] they got us. You know, they got us. The second one, I think that's probably one I pull back now, but it wasn't thrown with the intention of us being reckless. If I had it back again, I would even throw the swing to Nyheim [Hines] or get back to the end cut to [Michael] Pittman or Zach [Pascal] on the other side, I think it was Pitt on the other side. And then we'd have to be faced with the fourth down where we could have gone for it there with whatever it was, five minutes left, or we could've punted. But again, those are decisions you have to make there in the heat of it and certainly those turnovers hurt. You can call us frustrated a little bit because we expected to win the game and in a lot of ways, probably should've, but shoot, we have a lot to be excited about. We just have to put our head down and keep working and we're in this thing for the long haul."

(On what played into having more total yards but coming up short points-wise) "We had penalties in the red zone. Again, on a combination to Zach [Pascal], if I throw it to Jack [Doyle], we score; it's 14-0. And then the penalties in the red zone. Man, that's the only thing I can point to. I mean we didn't punt the football. We scored 20 points. We weren't great on third down, obviously we had two or three fourth downs [where] we went for it and ended up converting. However, whether it be penalty, one we completed to Jack, one was [a] penalty, one was late to T.Y. [Hilton] there at the end. So, 27 first downs, I can go through it here, but ultimately it came down to we turned it over and we had penalties in the red zone. Twenty-seven first downs and 450 net yards, you'd usually feel pretty good about that, but if you kill yourself and turn it over, then you can be beat 27-20, whatever it ended up. I think that's what it was."

(On the pressure he feels) "I don't know that I feel any [pressure]. Pressure comes with this position, but it's also your perspective and how you look at it. I think it's part of playing quarterback. It's part of what makes it great. It's part of the life lessons you learn from it. I speak of this team because a lot of these guys have been through highs and lows together, but I haven't been through it with them. But it's really not about me at all. I would hope that over the last 16, 17 years [that] you earn some trust and respect from afar, as far as how you're going to compete and how you're going to fight [un]til the end. I don't think that that would be doubted. And then collectively, as a group, we just put our head down and go. It's a frustrated locker room because we expected to win the game, but it's also a very motivated and looking-forward locker room that we know what we're capable of and it's just a matter of keeping your head down and moving forward."

(On what changed after getting ahead early in the game) "I don't know that it was too different. Again, then we turned it over, then we converted some third downs and we had the missed field goal and then, due to some red zone penalties, and then we left and went right down the field and made a field goal. I don't know that it completely changed. Again, I go back to that second drive when, speaking personally, it's probably the play I'm most aggravated about, personally, from a personal standpoint. It's not the two interceptions. It's the completion that got us to third-and-2. [If] I throw it to Jack Doyle, it's 14-0 and who knows how it ends up."

(On what needs to happen to put more points on the board) "Not turning it over and not having penalties in the red zone. I'm starting to keep saying it, but I just don't know what else there was. Again, I know we went for it on some fourth downs, but we didn't punt. We didn't punt and we only scored 20 points. I'm sitting here trying to look at it and, per play, we were rolling. But the name of the game is [to] score one more point than the other team. So again, penalties in the red area [and] turning the football over, that'll keep you [from winning]. You can look up and see all the yards you want, but if you do that, that's going to keep you out of the endzone and ultimately keep you from scoring enough to win."