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DE/LB K'Lavon Chaisson - August 24th, 2020

(On his main focus when trying to make an impact during his rookie year) "Obviously getting better day by day and not taking anything for granted. Every day's a day to get better out here, especially with the key pieces we have here. [I'm] learning from Josh [Allen] and the D-line and [Dawuane] Smoot and Abe [Abry Jones] and Coach Rebs [Defensive Line Coach Jason Rebrovich] and [Defensive Coordinator] Coach [Todd] Walsh themselves. Every day I'm getting tips. Especially being new in the league and [having] a lot of high expectations, I'm willing to take in any gem that comes in. So, every day in individuals, in practice, in meeting rooms, I'm trying to learn something new."

(On getting back into practice after being injured and showing his commitment to the team) "Every chance I get, I'm trying to play. That's the game of football and, I mean this in the most positive way as I can be, you will never be 100 percent playing this game. It's a physical sport. Any nags, any little bumps or bruises I can play through, I'm trying to play through everything. I just want the team to know that no matter what, I'm going to be here for the team. I just kind of had the mindset that I'm going to grind through whatever. Obviously, I'm still treating, I'm still taking care of my body every day. I'm still making sure I'm getting rehab the appropriate ways to make sure I maintain and stay and play at the level that I want to on the field. But no matter what, I'm trying to play. Especially being in the college level when I had the injury and I had a year taken away from me. Sitting on that sideline was something hurtful to be a part of and that's not something I want to go through again. Any chance I can, I'm willing to play through it."

(On adjusting to playing this season with few or no fans in the stadium) "[It's] obviously different but I'm here for the game, for the love of the game. Obviously, it's something that I want to give fans, the show. We all want to give them the excited they want but this is a serious situation and we have to understand the circumstances that come with it. So, for now, we're going to give them the show with few fans and the fellow people that are watching out home. But it's for the love of the game so it's going to be the same intensity and the same mindset regardless of if the fans are there or not there."

(On if the lack of crowd noise will help the offense) "I can't answer for the offense, I'm sorry. I play on the defensive side of the ball, so the noise helps us. We know that some offenses can't hear the call, but I'm not really sure that their mindset or however they have going on in the huddle [is going to be affected]."

(On how going against players such as OL Cam Robinson and OL Jawaan Taylor in practice have helped him improve) "I feel like it's great. It's new sets and I feel like those two guys [Robinson and Taylor] are elite. Just going against them two every day, it kind of brings me a new pass rush offense arsenal. Obviously, you're going to be going against different sets every week. [It's great] to go against them every day in practice and those guys give me gems after practice and even during practice on what I can and cannot do. [They] just tell me things that they're looking at going into this level after the years that they've played and [what] they've learned after going against some of the best in the league. You got those two who went against, in my eyes, a top five pass rusher last year every day in practice. So, with them learning from him, then they pass it on to me and tell me what they look at and what all they're going through in their progressions. It's something that I'm excited to be a part of and I take it every day by day that it's a blessing to against them two."

(On what he came in thinking he needed the most schooling in) "Honestly, I can't really tell you that. That's because I feel like I'm an accelerated learner. I'm not trying to go against anyone else, but I feel like the way I learn things, it's not really hard for me to pick up on anything. Whether it's academically or football IQ, you give it to me on the playbook, on the video film, or on the field, right then and there I pick up fast and I learn quick. There's never kind of been anything, no learning curve held back for me. I kind of have just been putting in the work every day when it comes to watching film or studying the playbook or being on the field. I'm taking it step by step, day by day and just trying to learn from everything."

(On how many differences there are in the transition from high school to college versus the transition from college to the NFL) "A lot. You have to think, especially when you're in high school, it's really just who is the better athlete to be honest with you. It's not really too much technique involved with it. It's about who's the better athlete and which coach has the better game plan. And then as you get to the next level, the athletes start getting better at the college level, but it's still kind of at that level. When I say that, some colleges they go against lower level, lower competition schools and sometimes they go against competition, whether on the same level or better. But when you get to this level, we're the top one percent. Everybody's the best of the best at their position. It's a blessing to be here. From high school to here, it's a big step, from learning the different styles of the game and just far as playbook wise and really just getting deep down to techniques and details of the game. It was something I had to adjust to every step of the way."

(On getting used to the new style of training camp and preseason) "Well, being that this is my first, that kind of is the normal. I haven't seen a normal day around this facility before COVID, so this kind of is the normal to [me] otherwise."

(On adjusting to the COVID protocol specifically) "Like I said, I don't really look at it like that. Obviously, it's different, but it's the precautions we have to take for everybody's safety. I think about it like that and I wish well-being on everybody so whatever we have to do [I'll do it]. [If] they tell us that from now on we have to virtually meet and virtually practice and whatever the case may be, I honestly wouldn't complain about it. I want everybody to be as safe as possible and to go home to their families in a well-being way."

(On how he would describe his rookie class after receiving praise from Head Coach Doug Marrone) "First and foremost, Coach Marrone is a great coach. I say to all the players, he doesn't really feel like a head coach. He tries to make everybody as comfortable as possible. He's willing to give you advice on anything and everything that he has any experience on. As far as the rookie class, it's a lot of mature people in this class. I'm not really sure how the other classes [have] been that he's been a part of, but it's a lot of mature guys in this class who's willing to learn, who's wanting to compete. I can tell you just from today's practice, from all of us being out there, we're all hungry. We all want to get out there and make this team better as possible. We know the direction that this team can go in and with all the older guys telling us the steps we're all willing to take and the mindset this program has going forward, we're all buying in and we're ready to go."