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Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash - Thursday, September 17, 2020

(On what's different about LB Myles Jack besides his position) "I would say he's a lot more focused. The position change I think has a lot to do with it just because of the amount of stuff that's put on his plate and the 'WILL' position doesn't have a lot of communication things, that's our 'MIKE' linebacker which Joe [Schobert] does really well at that. So, I just think he's able to go out there, read his keys, and play fast and that's when Myles plays the best."

(On his assessment of the rookies such as DE/LB K'Lavon Chaisson and DT DaVon Hamilton) "I thought early on, they were a little out of whack and I think that's just something where we haven't had the preseason games and all that kind of stuff for them to kind of realize that the NFL's a little bit faster than the college game and that kind of stuff. But, as the game grew on, I thought we've seen some real good things. I thought D-Ham [DaVon Hamilton] was very stout at the point, used his hands well which was really good to see. [K'Lavon] Chaisson was a little bit crazy with his eyes at times, but you see the flashes of what we've seen off the college tape, the athleticism, and the ability to be a play maker. I think those two are only going to get better as we keep going and the more games they get underneath their belt."

(On DL Taven Bryan's high snap count in Week 1 despite not putting up big numbers on the stat sheet) "Taven [Bryan]'s numbers will be up just because he plays not only first and second down, but he's in on third down so that's obviously where his numbers can get a little bit high at times. But the biggest thing with him [is that] he's a different style of three technique than a lot of people are used to. He's a big strong, disruptive player. You might not see all the flash plays and that kind of stuff that you see out of some other people, but he's exactly what we're looking for as a solid run defender. He's strong, he doesn't get moved around in there and that's a strength to him. The way he played [on Sunday], he was solid. He got a little out of whack and he was talking to us about it, guessing a little bit too much, but I think once again, after we get this first game out of the way, I think we're going to see a lot of improvement out of a lot of our players."

(On if he feels DL Taven Bryan has or will live up to the expectation of being a first round draft pick) "You know, I think he has. Once again, he just does it in a different way. When you really look at it, he's a solid, stout player and you might not get a bunch of stats of it, but he's really helping the guys around him. I think that time off with a little bit of a knee injury hindered him. He was playing extremely well prior to that knee and now he's just coming back from it. We're going to see him improve as the season goes on. I think we've seen that last year, as the season went on and on, he got better and better each week and I think we're going to see the same thing once he gets back into the groove of getting a lot of snaps."

(On what he learned about CB CJ Henderson last week against the Colts) "He's a physical player. When we did him coming out, we knew he was a willing tackler. But you've seen some plays where he's willing to come up and hit some people, [like] that third down stop where he came up and knifed the guy short of the goal line. You don't see a lot of corners really wanting to throw their body around like CJ [Henderson] did on Sunday, so that was obviously really good to see about how physical he is in the run game and how he can tackle. But the stuff that really popped off the tape is how he's willing to transition, mirror, and play the ball when it's in the air. You never see the young man panic and that's a credit to him and the mindset and the confidence he has in his ability."

(On how CB CJ Henderson has reacted to the positive media attention he's getting from his play last week) "He's far from satisfied. I know in his mind, he didn't play as well as he could've, which is exactly what we want to hear as a coaching staff. He's been pushing himself all week just like it's any other week. I don't think he's the one that's going to, to quote an old-timer, be allergic to the big meal. I think it's going to be a situation where he's going to continue to improve and he's got a lot of drive in it."

(On if he's figured out a better plan to stop Titans RB Derrick Henry) "[In] the first game, I thought we played pretty well. I'm thinking in the first half of last year's second game we played pretty well. I think it was 7-0 at the half and then the wheels kind of fell off, but I think that's a little bit of credit obviously to Tennessee. They're a big physical team, they wear you down. I think we have the numbers we need to go in there and rotate and stay fresh for 60 minutes. The biggest challenge that we're talking about [to] our guys is we have to win the physical battle. I think [Titans Head Coach] Coach Vrabel does a great job at developing his team [in] that they are physically going to pound you for 60 minutes. That's got to be the mindset we have, that we have to come back and counter that and battle them for 60 minutes. Once again, let's keep this thing close and let's find a way to win it late."

(On the biggest challenges from the Tennessee offense besides RB Derrick Henry) "I think the quarterback really thrives off his play action game and they do a lot of things to try to get the guys at the second level to suck up at the line of scrimmage and take some shots over the top or right over basically the outside part of the tackles and everything like that. So, [the] play action game. [Ryan] Tannehill does an extremely good job with the play fake the offense does. The play action game is really predicated off of the run game, but that's the thing that really concerns you. He's a high percentage type player. He makes really good decisions, so the play action game is a big concern."

(On the loss of S Jarrod Wilson and his potential replacements) "The biggest thing you miss is he's been the quarterback back there for the last couple years. He does a really nice job of communicating. [If] something's jacked up, he gets us in the right stuff. He can quarterback those guys in the backend. We're very fortunate to have, I call him Kid Rock, but Dewey [S Andrew Wingard]. He is just as smart, communicates really well. We've seen it early on, so we feel real comfortable with Dewey back there. If God forbid something happens, then we still got B-Wat [S Brandon Watson] and we got Daniel Thomas, the rookie. But right now, it'd be Kid Rock and we feel very, very comfortable with him in there."

(On the challenge the Tennessee receivers bring) "Obviously, they're big men. They can run. They're a physical group. Everybody talks about their two big dogs they have, but they also have a really good slot with [Adam] Humphries. So, they have three guys that can really obviously hurt you in the pass game and then they have a vertical threat. So, they're a very talented group. They're big, they're strong, and they're physical and we have to do everything we can with these play actions to try to get our hands and disrupt some routes. Last week they were little scat, faster guys that we've seen and then this week's the bigger type receivers, so it'll be a good challenge. They're totally different from what we've seen last week and it's going to be a good challenge for our corners to see how they match up with those guys. They're some of the cream of the crop in the league and we're going to find out exactly where we're at. It's early on in the year, but it's a good measuring stick to see where we're at right now."

(On when he noticed in training camp that S Josh Jones should move up the depth chart) "[It was] early on. He was down at the third spot when we started training camp and as soon as he got in there, he started communicating real loud. The rest of the team was like, 'Who in the heck is this guy?' He really jumped off the tape about how he studies and his ability to make plays. You've seen that on Sunday and I think he was in on eleven-some tackles. He communicated really well and once that happened, we started getting him with the first unit, rotating him and [former Jaguar] Ronnie [Harrison]. We've seen a guy that obviously can play. We like his speed, his athleticism, and he just slowly moved up the depth chat and we feel really comfortable with playing him. So, it was really from the start. He moved up quickly and there was a heck of a battle between those two early on in camp."