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Defensive End Josh Allen - Thursday, September 17, 2020

(On facing Titans RB Derrick Henry) "You hit him, hit him hard, hit him fast, hit him early. Basically, just hit him as hard as you can before he takes off running. It's easier said than done, sure. But we have a good game plan this week, so we're real confident on him and the offensive line. We play them twice every year, so we're kind of used to that. And we're just excited for this matchup. Again, I feel like a lot of guys still are doubting us and our talent level on this team, on this roster, actually. It's an exciting weekend, I'm excited to play against him."

(On DL Taven Bryan's strength upfront) "Yeah, the man is just real destructive. He causes pile-ups, he causes havoc, he makes havoc and he's just a guy that you [are] going to want on your team, every play. I love rushing against Taven, because I know what he's going to give me, I know he's going to push the pocket and I know he's going to make my job a lot easier. Just seeing the progress that he's made over the last three years is just exciting. I know he started off a little slow, but man, Taven has been ballin' and I'm excited to see him play this week. I think the battle is going to be one—he's going to be one of the main key factors to this week and I'm excited to see him play."

(On whether DT Abry Jones' fourth down stop was turning point for the defense on Sunday) "Oh yeah, I believe so. Because I know in years past, we would've [given] that up or something. But I know this year, man, we fight for each other, we fight together and we play for each other. And with him doing that, we just had momentum and that was just—we knew nobody could really run with us, nobody could really stop with us. And ever since then, we play together, we don't play individual reps. And I was just excited and I was happy for him and hopefully we'll make more meaningful plays like that. But yes, it was a turning point for us."

(On differences from LB Myles Jack from last year to this year) "Oh yeah, Myles, he doesn't have to talk anymore, I guess. He gets the call, he gets to see the formation and then he just reacts. So, he's—Myles is a heck of a linebacker. He showed that this week, I mean, last week and I feel like this week is an even bigger challenge for him. And I know he's really prepared himself, he's been practicing as hard as he [can] every play. And I'm just excited to see him come downhill and make those big plays again. And it's going to definitely bring a lot of pressure off the front, the front guys. And I'm just excited to see him and Joe [Schobert) play again and just be great."

(On outside people doubting the team's talent) "I mean, because of the guys that are not here anymore. A lot of good players left our organization and they really saw that and they're just like, 'Oh they're weak now.' But little do they know, they're not in the locker room with us, they don't see the guys that we have and they don't see how well we play together. We're a family, man, we play for each other, we play as one. And that's just how our mindsets [are] and I'm just excited to get going again."

(On whether winning at Tennessee would be an eyeopener for others) "I mean, I feel like [there's] always going to be that doubt when people think about us and that's just the status quo we have to change around here. But we're really focusing on ourselves and how we play week-in and week-out. Because we're not really focused on the outside noise, we hear it all the time, since probably Jalen [Ramsey] left that we weren't going to be a good team and everybody that left after that, it's just been getting worse and worse. And now, they saw us play last week and now they're surprised. So, yeah, I think it's a big game for us, it's a big game because it's a divisional game. It's a game we must have. If you win, if you go undefeated in our division, or any division, there's a good chance you're going to go to the playoffs. So, we see this as a big challenge because it's a second divisional game and starting off 2-0 in that, would be major. So, yeah, we're excited about this weekend, we can't wait to get going."

(On the Tennessee Titans offensive line) "I mean, it's the same offensive line. You know, they had—well, this is my second year playing, so it's basically the same offensive line. I've played against [Dennis] Kelly already. So, it's relatively the same, basically. You know, they're a good offensive line. I mean, you have to be a good offensive line when you've got a back like that in the backfield. So, I'm excited about this challenge, but like I said last week, I'm worried about us and I feel comfortable. I feel like I'll take my d-line over any offensive line any day and we're just excited about this weekend."

(On how QB Gardner Minshew II is behind the scenes) "We're looking at the same Gardner Minshew, that's what I see. I see a superstar. I think, in my eyes, I do believe Gardner is a superstar, in my eyes. I think he's a great quarterback. I feel like he's shown that many times and he's going to continue to show that. He has the whole team, the whole organization behind him. And I feel like that's all you really need as a football player. As long as you have your teammates that support you and with you every play, who want the best for you. And an organization that wants the same, as well. I mean, what more can somebody ask for? He has the look, he has the swag, he has the arm and he has the plays to make—to be who I consider a great quarterback in the NFL. That's my guy."

(On QB Gardner Minshew taking things seriously) "I mean, you know, in the locker room, he's relaxed. That's the only time, basically, when I see him, is literally in the locker room because I'm not in the meetings with him. I know in walkthroughs we're all serious because we all have to get those mental reps and be prepared for the matchup. But in the locker room, he's 'G-Money' to me. He's laughing, joking, hitting each other—you know, doing what everybody else [does]. And that's great to see that your quarterback is like that. He's a well-rounded individual, who's super cool and chill. But hold on, let me stop talking about him so much, now. I'm [going to] chill, I'm giving him too much hype right now. I'm [going to] back off a little bit, that's all I'm going to say on Gardner. That's my dawg though, that's my dawg."

(On the pass rush last week and the plan moving forward to put more pressure on the quarterbacks) "I mean, I take responsibility for that, I'll do a better job of affecting the quarterback. Not even just sacking him but just getting to the quarterback more and condensing the pocket. I feel like that starts off with me and I'll do a better job with that. Which I know I am this week, I got Game 1 jitters out of the way and now I'm going to be focusing on what I need to do. I had a great practice today and we all did, pass rush wise. And I feel like we're ready to get after these guys and I feel like we're going to show it this week."

(On outside people saying that the Jaguars can't seem to win in Nissan Stadium) "I mean, that's somebody's personal opinion. I [can] never be mad at somebody's personal opinion. I'm a professional athlete, there's always going to be guys that talk crap. You can be the best player, like Lebron [James], the best basketball player in the world and he still gets talked about as not one of the best, you know what I mean? There's always going to be those people out there criticizing what you do. And I know that's how that is here, so can't let that affect on how we play. We're a new team this year and we're just ready to prove, shock the world and win a lot of games in this organization for each other."

(On old players doubting the team) "No, I feel like when the media say—when the people see some of our players leave, they think, 'Oh that team is going to be crappy,' you know what I mean. But little do they know, they're not in our organization. They don't know what types of guys we have now and what types of competitors that we have. And we play together, we play as one defense, one sound, one mind and that's how we execute and that's how we're going to continue to play for the rest of the season."