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Doing what I can

Let's get to it . . . Buddy from Jacksonville:
Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!! Tim Tebow!!!
John: I assume by that you mean that the Jaguars should trade to obtain Tebow if Peyton Manning indeed signs with the Denver Broncos. First off, I don't see Manning signing with Denver. Second off, even if he does, I don't see Tebow joining the Jaguars. I know what Shad Khan said last month about Tebow and I know how Tebow looked at times last fall. I also know how Tebow looked at other times last fall. Could it happen? Anything is possible, and it's well-documented that if this team wants to do something secretive it's probably going to remain a secret. But I just don't see Tebow-to-Jacksonville happening. Pshaw all you want, but I just don't.
Andrew from Section 433:
Put me on record, the Jaguars will trade back from the seventh pick to a desperate team moving up for Ryan Tannehill.
John: Anyone who has read the O-Zone very often knows I'm not a fan of predicting draft-day trades. They're too unpredictable, and it can be too difficult to find acceptable trading partners on draft day. That said, the scenario of the Jaguars trading to a team wanting Tannehill makes a lot of sense. It seems several of the players that make sense for the Jaguars should project to be available in the middle of the first round and at the same time, it seems Tannehill will be coveted. Yes, absolutely that could work out well for the Jaguars.
For Protective Reasons Names Not Shown:
I've been trying to figure this out for a long time now, but you, John Oehser, happen to be the senior writer of Jaguars DOT com. My question is, don't there have to be other writers working on staff for there to be a senior writer?
John: Occasionally, we have other people write for the site. They are writers. I am the senior writer, and boy, does that open doors.
Brian from C'Ville, VA:
Johnny-b-good, I thought the Jason Spitz signing last offseason was a good one. I don't recall seeing him hit the field last year and I watched every game. Does he factor into the Jags future plans or was he a bad signing?
John: Spitz was a good signing. He was signed to be a reserve interior lineman and fortunately for the Jaguars, their reserve interior linemen stayed healthy for the most part.
Joe from Orange Park, FL:
I always thought that Guy Whimper was the greatest weakness. I remember watching him repeatedly get beat by defenders. So my question is why would the Jaguars resign him?
John: Signing Guy Whimper does not mean starting Guy Whimper. He's an experienced veteran, and while there are better ideal starters at right tackle – i.e., Eben Britton – there are worse options than having Whimper in the offensive line rotation as a reserve. Remember, too, he played through a knee injury much of the season. Whimper-bashing has been vogue, but it's gone a little overboard here in the last two days.
Andrew from Toledo, OH:
Guy Whimper gave up the most sacks for any tackle in the NFL but he is not expected to start. He is an outstanding run blocker and I expect him to be a blocking TE hybrid going forward. He also caught a pass. Jags have done this with offensive tackles in the past and he is probably best suited for it. Fans need to recognize his role on this team instead of calling it a bad deal.
John: I wouldn't pencil in Whimper as a tight end just yet, but I'm with you that it's not a bad deal. Sometimes as free agency approaches you get deals done that make sense to add depth at positions you need. I've gotten some questions from people angry that the Jaguars signed Whimper and haven't gotten a deal done with Lowery. One has nothing to do with the other. They signed Whimper for depth on the offensive line and at a drastically different salary than that which Lowery is commanding.
Levi from Bloomington, IN:
O-man, I have a question for you, do you think with Blackmon's 40 time being solid, the Jags might try to jump up a spot or two to get him? Or do you think it would be better to try and trade back to get Floyd or Hill while picking up an extra pick? Is this draft deep enough where missing a chance to get the best receiver is worth picking up an extra player in the second or third round?
John: My first instinct is that Blackmon's 40 time won't drastically change how teams feel about him. His height – a touch under 6-1 – is still a bit of a concern, and the football people who wonder about him aren't sure he can separate enough to be a Top 10-worthy selection. Many don't honestly believe there's a huge difference between Blackmon and the other receivers, so to answer your question I'd say the draft is deep enough and that I don't think the Jaguars will trade up to get him.
Radley from Orange Park, FL:
Michael Lombardi bestowed the Jaguars organization (along with other, one might say, "easy target teams") with placement in to the distinguished "We need him, but he would never play here" category, in his eloquent assessment of the Peyton Manning free-agency saga. I'm with you, O, on what the ultimate determining factor$ include when a player signs with a team in free-agency. I guess you could argue that Manning's situation may break that mold. Did Lombardi keep his 'bias-goggles' on to conjure his prognostications, or do you think Manning legitimately would take a significantly less amount of the chee$e, to go to a team he deems to have a, by national media standard, readily identifiable better chance of winning a Super Bowl in the next couple seasons?
John: I don't see Manning playing in Jacksonville, but a big reason for that is I don't see the Jaguars pursuing it. If the Jaguars were willing to pursue him with the accompanying cash, personnel and change-of-scheme commitment, of course, he'd consider it. As far as the bias-goggles, I'm a little worn out on the topic. People have overlooked the Jaguars lately because the team has struggled on the field. Once that changes, the Jaguars won't make nearly as many of these all-important lists.
Heartless JTAC from Combat Outpost Pan'Kaly, Southern Afghanistan:
O-Man, I've spent the last couple of days reading roughly a month's worth of O-Zone Q&A's and news articles. I've really enjoyed the insight, football knowledge, and sense of humor you've put into your writing. I know we've got Blaine, and that's the direction the Jags will want to go as far as the starting QB is concerned, but considering the comments Mr. Khan has made about Tebow, and with him being a hometown hero and all, what are the chances the Jags will try and make a deal to pick him up if the Broncos make a move and acquire Manning? Couldn't Tebow become a successful Fullback? ...and even run the wildcat offense? Do you think ol' Timmy Tebow would be a great addition to what our offense is known for? And what are the chances Khan uses some of that cap room or later draft selections to make a deal for Tebow? Take it easy and drink a dark one for me. Hopefully I'm able to get your insight here soon, for my downtime is almost up... and I've gotta head back out.
John: I respect your service as well as the time spent on the email. That's why I included so much of it. I also think you have very good insight into my insight, good knowledge of my knowledge and I love that you know a great sense of humor when you see it. As far as that other stuff . . . well, let's just say I'll definitely have a dark one for you, my friend.
Jonathan from Vilano Beach, FL:
Appreciate the recognition for Tania, Vito, and Alfie. Those guys as well are you guys are all my go-to guys. Nice to see others being recognized, even though they are not affiliated with the team officially.
John: I never have a problem recognizing others who do good work. Besides, we are in a different age of media. There was a time when other media might be considered competition, and to an extent there may be an element of that, but in the internet/social media era people get their news in different ways., the newspaper and Big Cat Country all cover the Jaguars and it's obvious they each do so in slightly different ways. I think Tania, Vito and Alfie all respect what we're trying to do here, and I certainly respect the jobs they do.
John from St. Augustine, FL:
As we address off-season concerns, what about linebacker? Do you think Session comes back strong? Might we use a second or third-round pick on a LB, or a young FA?
John: I've heard nothing to think Session won't come back fine. As far as addressing linebacker in the off-season, you might see it late in the draft, but I don't think it will be a priority.
Sach from San Marcos, TX:
I see that you brought back "you have been heard." It brought a tear to my eye.
John: I do what I can.

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