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Fantasy Draft rankings, part two



##### TE

1 Jason Witten – Romo and Witten have a great bond, which makes him Romo's first option and the #1 fantasy TE.

2 Antonio Gates – Gates is a fantastic fantasy TE and could be worthy of #1 consideration if Tomlinson is healthy all season.

3 Dallas Clark – Clark isn't the sexiest fantasy TE, but he is a big redzone target that Manning loves to look at.

4 Greg Olsen – Cutler should bring out the catching skills that Olsen has and make him a solid top 5 fantasy TE.

5 Tony Gonzalez – Gonzalez is 33-years-old now, but the change of venues should give him a renewed desire and keep him in the top 5 for another season or two.

6 Chris Cooley – With just one score all last season, Cooley can only improve in that aspect. I just wouldn't expect his catches to increase much for those in a PPR league.

7 Owen Daniels – The slide downhill on fantasy TE's is swift and there aren't enough good ones for a 12-team league to each have one. Daniels is worth more in PPR leagues than in normal leagues, but he is still a top 10 TE.

8 Kellen Winslow – Winslow is a high risk/high reward candidate because he has never really shown his true value. He could be a low end TE or a top 3-5 fantasy TE, we just don't know.

9 Dustin Keller – Keller has enough speed to make him a valuable fantasy option, but his height (6'2") makes him one of the smallest TE's worth owning.

10 Zach Miller – Miller is one of the only bright spots in Oakland's passing game, so his value is top 10, but just barely.

11 Jeremy Shockey – Shockey is far from what he once was, but Brees has enough yards to make Shockey worth targeting as a low-end TE1.

12 John Carlson – If Carlson had a younger QB who wasn't such an injury risk, he would easily be in the top 6-7.

13 Vernon Davis – I like Davis to surprise people this season as a TE sleeper, if he can keeps his hands to himself during practice. It is coming to a "now or never" point with Davis.

14 Brent Celek – Celek should benefit from coach Andy Reed's strategy of throwing to TE's in the redzone. He is not worth starting yet, but keep an eye on him.

15 Heath Miller – You just can't trust anyone that Big Ben is throwing to, and Miller is no different. After Miller, the TE situation gets pretty ugly.


1 New York Giants – With the absolute best D-Line in the league, the Giants are likely to finish with the most sacks, which will also lead to nice INT totals.

2 Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers had 51 sacks, 20 INT's, 9 recovered fumbles while allowing just 237.2 total yards last season. That makes them easily worthy of a top 2 ranking.

3 Minnesota Vikings – The cover 2 defense makes the Vikings defense a top 3 fantasy option. Just make sure you look at last season's point totals before deciding where to take a defense. They are almost always taken too early.

4 Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens and Ray Lewis are far from the glory days, but they are still in the top 5.

5 Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles blitz more than most, which leads to sacks and plenty of fumbles. Consider them a top 5 defense.

6 San Diego Chargers – Merriman is back and healthy and the Bolts added some nice rookies that should help them regain top 6-7 status.

7 New York Jets – Rex Ryan will give the Jets defense a boost in energy and confidence. They are going to slip, which makes them a sleeper pick of sorts.

8 Chicago Bears – Brian Urlacher is still Brian Urlacher, but he is on the decline. Chicago has talent around him, but don't mistake the Bears for what they used to be.

9 Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys are still a top 10 defense, but just barely. They are deep, so injuries are not as big a concern.

10 Tennessee Titans – I'm not as sold on the Titans as some are, but defense is like tight end, the slide down is fast if you don't get in on the run.

11 New England Patriots – The Patriots have a solid defense, but this is where it starts getting ugly.

12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – If you get the Buccs as your starting defense, you waited too long. But, since they are #12, you could obviously do worse.

13 Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins have probably the toughest schedule in the NFL, making their defense one to avoid if you can.

14 Indianapolis Colts – Tony Dungy meant more to this team than people think. If you waited this long, well, see Tampa Bay.

15 Kansas City Chiefs – Kansas City has some interesting players on defense, but the Chiefs are nothing more than a bye week filler.

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