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Gettin' paid

Let's get to it . . . Ian from Brantford, Ontario:
Finally some talk about Fred Taylor. Now that the Colts game is in the rearview mirror can we have one day dedicated to Freddy T?
John: This idea? Johnny likee. A lot. So, it's settled. Saturday's All-Fred, All-the-Time in the Ozone. Write in. I'll post some of your memories and share a few of my own. This should be fun. Any day spent talking about Fred Taylor is by definition a very enjoyable day.
Thomas from Jacksonville:
I was thinking about our defensive performance. The tackling has been poor but showed signs of improvement Sunday. The sacks must improve, but the pressure has been pretty good. Even though we've been burned on some runs by quarterbacks, that we're forcing them to tuck it says a lot. And as you mentioned, the secondary has missed opportunities for multiple turnovers. Most of those drives that ended with points could've been avoided if we had made the play on the ball. So while the defense has work to do, the issue most present is our ability to finish.
John: You're seeing the things the Jaguars' coaches are seeing. The Jaguars played better in the second half against the Colts than perhaps they had played defensively this season, and the belief is that improvement can be built upon. Now, does the defensive line have to tackle the quarterback given the opportunity? And does the back seven need to catch potential interceptions? Yes, but getting in position to make plays is important. It's the first step. It shows it can be done. Now, the idea is to make them.
Jonathan from Middleburg, FL:
What was the feeling regarding Julian Stanford's play last week? I thought he looked good and in particular, very fast. He looks like he has a bright future, sooner rather than later!
John: The coaches have liked Stanford from the beginning of training camp, and he made plays Sunday. Mike Mularkey said while Kyle Bosworth likely will start Sunday Stanford likely will get more plays.
Wade from Jacksonville:
Does Gabbert get credited with two comebacks in the fourth quarter or just one since the Jags lost to the Vikings?
John: In the official NFL statistic, he just gets credited with one. That's unfair in a sense, because the drive against the Vikings was actually a more consistent drive than the one against the Colts. But to count in the NFL statistic that I assume you're referring to, it has to be a fourth-quarter comeback victory.
Jason from Tallahassee, FL:
With all due respect, Scobee isn't getting paid that much money to "mishit." This team could very well be 0-3 and instead should be 2-1 if not for two kickoff mishits.
John: With all due respect, there's almost nothing more tiresome than arguments that center around "this guy makes so much money, why doesn't he . . ."
Steve from Fleming Island, FL:
The fans are looking for the Jaguars to take the next step from trying to get personnel to apply pressure on the opposing quarterback to actually doing it.
John: The fans aren't the only ones looking for that.
Charles from Orange Park, FL:
You eliminate dropped passes and quarterback consistency goes up immediately.
John: It does, and there are several reasons. First, you're getting into a rhythm. Second, you're getting the yards and the confidence that goes with that. Maybe the biggest reason is instead of facing 2nd-and-10 and 3rd-and-10 you're facing 2nd-and-managable and the chances of a successful offensive play are far greater in that scenario.
Sampson from the Bronx, NY:
What does a typical Thursday consist of for Johnny-O? Run us through your day.
John: Wake up. Do workout routine. Finish pushup. Look for jump rope. Find magazine instead and read a while. Shower. Or not. Get to work. Post Ozone. Nap. Watch practice. Talk to Vito about how much he likes the Jaguars. Admire Gene Frenette from afar. Do live chat. Nap. Have lunch. Interview a player. Tell Public Relations Intern Garrett "Go Get 'Em" Petty to transcribe my tape, then have Garrett write my story. Tell Garrett I'll pay him 20 bucks for effort. Sneak out without paying. Drive home. Sleep.
Duran from Rapid City, SD:
After watching the Jaguars All-Access on Cecil Shorts' TD catch, I realize that the throw that Blaine made alone was a deep insight to the kind of throws that he can make. Those are the types of throws that successful teams' quarterbacks can make. That type of zip, accuracy, timing is something you either have or don't. Just gotta get it more consistent.
John: He has every physical tool a quarterback can want. He's a hard worker. He's tough. And he has a high football IQ. He has made strides in the last six months, and considering those first four attributes it figures he has a chance to keep improving.
Tommy from Jacksonville:
John, spin it however you want. Post it, don't post it. I don't care. It's ridiculous that it even needs to be address; but there is no doubt in anyone's mind that Britney was better than Christina?
John: Is that blonde Britney or brunette Britney?
Tyler from Neptune Beach, FL:
O-Man, will Kevin Elliott get more playing time this week? Gabbert seemed to look his way when he played last week and I think he could be a big-time wide receiver.
John: I don't know that it's realistic to think he will get more time than he did against the Colts. A lot of his time on Sunday came after Laurent Robinson was injured. That said, I'd expect Elliott to get more plays than he did in the first two games. He indeed showed he can make a play on the ball, and it would appear he deserves a chance to do that more often.
Jason from Jacksonville and Section 410:
No question here, John, just an observation. I wonder how the fans would feel about the team if the order of our games had been different. What if we lost bad to the Texans, almost squeaked it out with the Vikings, then finally won over Indy. I think the Texans game was a blow to everyone hoping to see continued progress, but you warned us there would be stops and starts early in the season. I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out!
John: Sure, people would look at your scenario and see progress, but the reality of the NFL is progress isn't usually a steady line up, just as trends aren't usually clean and obvious. It's like that in all sports, but it's more discussed in the NFL because each game is so overanalyzed. The difficult thing about the NFL – and the beauty of it, in another sense – is that there are six days between games. That means six days and 21 or so hours to analyze. In any other sport – the NHL, Major League Baseball, NBA – you get a day or two or three between games and then you're playing again. Concern usually doesn't grow in those sports based off one bad game, but a stretch of bad games. The NFL has fewer games and therefore each game matters more, but you still need to judge a team over the course of a few games and not one or two.
Erik from Jacksonville:
I'm wrapping up my tour here in Afghanistan and cannot wait to be able to enjoy my "Sunday ticket" sitting on my couch, the dilemma is, I'm in California so most the Jags games come on at 10:00am. My question to you....Is drinking a beer with breakfast on Sunday's while watching the Jags a good excuse to tell my wife? And if I make it from the fridge to the couch before she notices, what do you suggest goes down good with bacon and eggs?
John: Some people call drinking beer on your couch at 10 a.m. "celebrating being home from Afghanistan." I call it "Saturday." Seriously, you're home from your tour. Drink a beer when you want. Eat your eggs. Enjoy the ticket, and thanks for all you do.
Blake from Jacksonville:
Not entirely sure I buy the Scobee mishit story, but I guess there is no incentive for Mularkey to not be truthful. But in all the years he's been here I haven't seen Scobee mishit too many balls. Considering he's done it twice in three weeks in the same situation is a little funny. It looked more like a standard squib kick that took a bad bounce to me. Just throwing out a conspiracy theory.
John: I hesitate to respond because you hate to turn this into a bigger deal than it is. Why would Mularkey not be truthful? If Scobee hadn't mishit that would get out. Scobee's good, but people make mistakes. He made a couple in that situation. It happens.
Gary from Orlando, FL:
Somebody PAY the MAN!
John: That's nice of you, Gary. I am working hard and have had a pretty good year. Much appreciated.

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