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Getting on board

A lot of Khan questions today, and on that note, I've been intrigued to see a rapidly growing excitement about the new owner not only in the in-box, but on Twitter.

The energy is good, and it's positive. This is good stuff and really, really cool to see.

Let's get to it . . . Phillip from Navarre, FL:
I've decided I'll start out today's O-Zone. Let's get to it....
John: Watch it, Phillip. You steal my "let's get to it" and what will I do?
Jeff from Starke, FL:
Do I really trust a Khan? Seriously, I wholeheartedly trust the sincerity of Wayne Weaver in his love of this team and city. In that regard, I trust his selection of a person he believes stands for the same things he does. So I guess I do, trust a Khan. Can't wait to get to know them as we have known the Weavers.
John: In today's world, you're told you're naïve if you take your approach, but sometimes there are people who mean what they say. I also believe Weaver wholeheartedly believes Khan is committed to Jacksonville. And as for Khan, I have no reason to believe he's not sincere. For that matter, no one else does, either. I understand why they do. These days, we're conditioned to believe the worst about people, but I've heard nothing to believe we should believe the worst about Khan – in fact, quite the contrary.
Jim from Gainesville, FL:
The announcement of Shahid Khan sounds like he does not want to be in Jacksonville over the next couple of weeks. I think he knows he is going to move the team and does not want to appear to be a hypocrite.
John: He has a finance committee meeting in New York Tuesday involving getting approval to buy the team. As I stated in answering the previous question, we're programmed in this day and age to believe the worst about people. He wanted to be here. All indications are that he loves that Jacksonville is embracing his moustache and his family and that he is looking forward to allowing the fan base to get to know him and what he's about. Let's not twist things to make them seem negative. This is a good situation.
Jeff from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Wouldn't you rather have an angry inbox versus an apathetic one?
John: Without question. When I say angry inbox, I don't do it to complain, just state a fact. I've said quite often you won't get complaints from me about anger over losing, or even misunderstanding over reasons for the losing. Fans are supposed to be upset and they're not supposed to understand. They don't work for teams. They root for them.
Gary from Centerville, OH:
So have you decided what you are going to do with your "free" Sunday mornings, since after this week you won't have to do any O-Zones?
John: I'm not planning weekends off. Not until at least January. I have faith.
William from Jacksonville:
What part of draft and develop is escaping this fan base? The QB just turned 22 years old. Can we all step back and think about that for a moment? Now add in no offseason when 75 percent of the developmental work takes place. Now add in a group of receivers that lack a legitimate deep threat, thus allowing defenses to put a strangle hold on them. (Does it ever occur to these fans that other team gets paid too?) Kneejerk impatience is for losers. Had the Packers fallen prey to it, Aaron Rodgers would be playing elsewhere and Brett Favre would still be throwing interceptions at crunch time. Where is the patience? Where is fan base's learning curve?
John: Draft and develop, like patience, is much more palpable in theory than in fact.
Richard from Irvine, CA:
Some "experts" on twitter were saying that pocket presence for a QB cannot be taught. Do you agree with this?
John: I believe it comes with experience and with confidence in what he is seeing, and that what he is seeing will be what he is supposed to see. I'm sure he doesn't have enough of the first and the hope is he'll have the second two in time.
Brad from Jacksonville :
I know that the Ring of Honor is meant for the players, but it sure would be nice to put Wayne Weaver in there. I think the Jaguars or the city should put a statue outside the stadium of the man that made the Jaguars a reality in Jacksonville. Do you agree?
John: I think it would be inappropriate to not put Weaver in the Pride of the Jaguars. Without him, the Jaguars don't exist, and without him, this certainly isn't an NFL town. And anyone who questions his commitment to the city or to winning doesn't understand the conversation. I haven't had time to get my head around the "statue" part yet. Maybe he could ride the Jaguar.
Andrew from Toledo:
When players get signed off of another teams practice squad, like Dan LeFevour, does every team in the NFL get to see how he has been practicing? Or are they using past information they have on that player?
John: They use past information.
Robert from Delft, the Netherlands:
How can Kristian from Belo Horizonte, Brazil not like the moustache? Where there is only darkness, the moustache brings light. Where there is only gray, the moustache brings color. Where there is only sadness, the moustache brings joy. That moustache is the best thing to ever happen to this franchise. How dare he insult its magnificent splendor? How dare he!
John: The moustache indeed has taken on a life force of its own among Jaguars fans. I don't have much to say about it, but it's enjoyable to watch the buzz grow.
James from Destin, FL:
What happened with Khan buying the Rams in 2010? I've read that the NFL shot it down and I've also read that the family selling got wind he would move the team and retracted the deal. Is any one of these statements true? What is the possibility the NFL would not allow this transaction to happen?
John: He was outbid by Stan Kroenck, who had the ability to outbid Khan because he already was a minority owner.
Luke from Eastport, ME:
I absolutely agree with you about the availability of coaching candidates for the Jaguars. As if a coach would turn down a massive salary/rare opportunity just to turn his nose up at Jacksonville (aside from the apparently Godlike Mr. Billick). From where I'm sitting, prospective coaches will be lined up around the block to inherit a team that plays very good defense, has a solid special teams foundation, an elite running back that shreds defenses purely geared to stop HIM, a young franchise quarterback that he can create a scheme for, a well-respected and hard-working GM, and, oh yeah: what will likely be a top ten pick in the coming draft. If Mel is the best fit, great: I think he'll be competing against quite a lot of candidates that would LOVE to inherit the Jaguars' situation.
John: This isn't college football. There are 32 of these jobs and the Jaguars are one of them. Gene Smith is respected. There is a good defense here. There is Top 10-drafted quarterback here. The new owner has more than his share of cash, from what I understand. Jacksonville, last time I checked, is a pretty good place to live. It's a young, improving roster. Not being able to get a coach won't be an issue. Choosing the correct one is the issue.
Carson from Jacksonville:
I'm glad that my fellow Jag fans are reassured of the team's permanence because Wayne made Khan pinky-promise to keep the team in Jacksonville. This is a business, and if the numbers are right for Shahid Khan to move then he will do just that. Let's just hope that's not the case. On a side note, I'm glad his check book is thick.
John: The commitment is more than a pinky promise. My understanding of the situation is Khan is committed to Jacksonville, and while I obviously wasn't in the room (not sure why they wouldn't want me there) when negotiations were taking place, there are legitimate business reasons why he's committed. While the stadium in Jacksonville isn't on the level of the best in the league, the Jaguars' deal with Jacksonville makes it an extremely workable stadium for a team. Also, don't forget the events of this past summer. Wayne Weaver was extremely happy with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement because it made a small market such as Jacksonville viable financially. There's a reason this deal was done after the lockout and not before. Once the lockout was over, this became a much more attractive purchase. For all the bells and whistles and supposed allure of Los Angeles, there's a lot of risk and uncertainty there. There's no reason Jacksonville can't work if the right pieces are in place and there's success on the field. Don't forget. Jacksonville has a better season-ticket base than many teams in the NFL and a better stadium deal. Despite what the national media may say, you don't automatically walk away from that.
Ryan from Jacksonville Beach:
Any insight into the cutting of Jason Hill? He wasn't setting the world on fire by any means and I understand getting more playing time for the young receivers but seems like there is more to it.
John: The Jaguars, like everyone, knew the receivers have been subpar. Clearly, they made a change on Wednesday by firing the receivers coach to address what they considered a problem. The release of Hill came the same day. I'm not sure there's any more insight than that. Hill wasn't a part of the future of the receiving corps, and the team believed he wasn't playing well enough to merit staying around for the final five games.
Bluedog from the Bank:
Let's get on board with Khan. Buy a season ticket and grow a moustache. Kaahhhnnnn!
John: You have been heard. Absolutely. Get on board.

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