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GM David Caldwell Twitter Takeover

Here's an archive of the Twitter Takeover that took place earlier today with our General Manager David Caldwell. Fans submitted their questions using the hashtag #AskTheGM, and David answered the questions live from the practice field. In addition to all the latest Jaguars headlines, be sure to follow our official Twitter handle (@Jaguars) to know when the next Twitter Takeover will take place.

GM David Caldwell officially has our @jaguars handle. Send In your questions via #AskTheGM. #Jaguars #StandUnited

Like improvement of all 90 guys RT @outofeight: @jaguars Which player has improved the most since OTAs? #AskTheGM

Defensive line RT @Rell_83: #AskTheGm hey DC, which position do you anticipate having the most depth

Yes. Protecting QB is paramount RT @ALanguageUnique: @jaguars #AskTheGM Do you believe the RT position is becoming more important in tNFL?

Chill Will RT @GonzoGabe: Dave, what player did you sign to DJ these practices? @jaguars #AskTheGM. #Jaguars #StandUnited

Finding a houseRT @TheImpact99: Mr Caldwell, what has been the biggest transition going from Atlanta, GA to Jacksonville, FL? #AskTheGM

2 great places to live RT @TheImpact99: Mr Caldwell, what has been the biggest transition going from Atlanta to Jacksonville, FL? #AskTheGM

No RT @dooger2: Any chance you will change your mind about those awful new helmets and go back to something less embarrassing? #askthegm

See how schedule shakes out RT @Jacob__Doyle: @jaguars Do you plan on attending a Fulham soccer match in London? #AskTheGM

Sweetwater RT @gooner_: @jaguars #AsktheGM favorite craft beer?

Im just doing my job RT @HankJoness: How much do you like the nickname "The General" #AskTheGM

Genuine nature RT @Randysmith904: @jaguars #AskTheGM what's your favorite thing about Coach Bradley?

Boar's head turkey from @publixRT @therealzache: What is you favorite type of sandwich? Also, even if he's released? #AskTheGM #Jaguars #NFL

Starting now RT @mcmullenforus: @jaguars How long after the 2013 Draft do you start preparing for the 2014 Draft? #AskTheGM

Young playmakers RT @cbuck11185: What position group are you most excited about? #AskTheGM

Havent even noticed him which is a great thing RT @therealzache: How pleased are you with Joeckel's progress so far?! #AskTheGM

Only focus is getting better today RT @iktriad: @Jaguars Do you think the #jaguars have a realistic shot to ... 

Zach Brown RT @OnGuardJax: @Jaguars Dave, who's your favorite band? #AskTheGM

7 5/8RT @theMCwale: What size fitted cap do you wear? Asking for BCB. #AskTheGM @Jaguars

Very competitive RT @j_durkin: @jaguars hey Mr. Caldwell, how do you feel about the QB situation? #askthegm

Get better each day RT @BASEDGRIFFEYJR: What's the teams main focus this year besides winning @jaguars #asktheGM

Expect the unexpected with our roster RT @StayCrued: @jaguars #AsktheGM How the LBs doing? Should we expect additions there?

Thought Shad did a great job RT @MattyF21: @jaguars what is your opinion on the new uniforms? #AskTheGM #StandUnited #Jaguars

Never satisfied RT @iktriad: @Jaguars So far everything turned out since you planned in January with the team (re)building? #AskTheGM

We will find out Sat. Better bring A game RT @JaxFoodCritic: @jaguars Hey Dave, are you team @KevinPeffer for the new PA? #AskTheGM

Rocky RT @Rell_83: #AskTheGm serious question here: Rocky or Rambo? :-l

Expect the unexpected RT @hendricks_derek: @jaguars what can we expect from denard Robinson this year? #AskTheGM

Awesome support RT @jags_brick: @jaguars what do you think of what the Bold City Brigade has done this year? #AsktheGM

Gotta run but the fans in Jax have exceeded my expectations. The support has been incredible for our staff and players. #Jaguars #AskTheGM

David Caldwell said he will do this (for) fans each Monday during the season after a home sellout. Will review the previous game. 

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