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It keeps coming together

Let's get to it . . . Ken from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
What is the holdup on signing Josh Scobee?
John: Scobee wants more money than the Jaguars want to pay, and in this case – because Scobee has been designated the franchise player – there is no particular rush to get anything done. The deadline for him to sign his tender offer is July 15, after which the sides can continue working toward a long-term deal. Should the sides not have agreed to a long-term contract by that date, I'd expect Scobee to sign the tender with a good-faith agreement on both sides that they'll continue trying to get something signed on a long-term basis. There's still little to worry about on this front. The Jaguars want Scobee and he wants to be here. He's not likely to sit out the season because he won't have another chance to earn the money he would make this season. I'd be stunned if Scobee's not kicking for the Jaguars next season.
Jeff from Jacksonville:
Do you think the NFL will start using the CFL again as a place to develop certain players needing more playing time before they are NFL ready?
John: Again?
Gary from Broken Arrow, OK:
I am sick of all the Blackmon, Gabbert, Anger and Tebow talk. I have a real football question. If the Jags wear solid black uniforms, do you think that teal helmets would look good?
John: I've always thought far and away the best part about the Jaguars' uniform was the helmets. That's not my call, but no, I don't think it would look good. I'm not sure the teal works for the helmet.
Ray from Jacksonville:
Did I miss something? Is there a prize for finding new ways to accuse Gene Smith of being negligent? Is the prize bigger if the accusation is more fanciful or bizarre?
John: There's no prize, just the sweet smell of smug self-satisfaction.
Erik from Knoxville, TN:
Hey O-Man! I am a 16-year old lifetime Jag fan and prayerfully, a future season-ticket holder. I am down in Waycross visiting family and attended the Jaguars Caravan. It is really inspirational to see a legend like Tony Boselli in a town like Waycross, talking to fans like me. I just wanted to express my appreciation to the organization for putting something like this together. On a side note, do you personally believe Fred Taylor will earn a bust in Canton at some point?
John: Wise words from a young fan. Seriously, the 2012 Jaguars Caravan is, as you say, a very good event. I had the chance to attend a couple this past week and there's some good energy and excitement going on. Boselli does a good job working the crowd and the Jaguars have done a good job getting significant players involved. The first Caravan has been a success and I anticipate it will expand in the future. As for Taylor, it will be difficult for him to get into the Hall of Fame – not impossible, but difficult. We've gone over the many reasons for that on a lot in the last year, and they include market size, his participation in just one Pro Bowl and not being among the NFL rushing leaders often enough. I do think voters will warm to Taylor's case in time, because other players past and present think highly of him. The words of former players do matter when swaying the opinions of voters. He also has one other thing that will help him: his game tape. The tape doesn't lie, and in Taylor's case, it tells a memorable, impressive story.
Dan from Cincinnati, OH:
Not being sarcastic.....What about Chad Ochocinco? He did have his most productive years under Bratkowski in Cincinnati, and he does know the offense and coach very well. Do you think at the right price he could bring some leadership?
John: I stopped reading at, "Chad."
Dave from Section 212:
Flatulation in public, hanging boogers, and food in my teeth embarrass me –nothing Justin Blackmon can do can embarrass me. The organization, yes, but not me.
John: I, apparently like you, am too busy worrying about not embarrassing myself to lose too much sleep worried about others. Unfortunately, that's not true of all the readers.
Cliff from Las Vegas, NV:
lebron james was in a complete zone against the celtics the other night, nothing could stop him. he didnt smile or even give a hi-five out until the game was over. can you recall an nfl player ever doing that, or is the nfl too much of a team sport for one player to really make that kind of an impact
John: Vegas, baby.
Jason from Section 104:
Just a thought. If someone doesn't want to have to give a public apology there are simple solutions. Don't put yourself in a position to be in the public eye, or don't do anything that requires apology. Fans have a right to ask for that because they buy the tickets.
John: You asked and you received. I'm bored with this topic, and I trust others are, too. MOVING ON!
Daniel from Section 146 since Day One:
Please John... could we have more FOOTBALL questions/answers and less of this "Fox News meets The View" crap? I couldn't care less about society's need for an apology, or a player's decision to follow their contract and not voluntarily spend extra time at work. I can't even listen to Sports Radio anymore without barfing. Can I please read about How to attack a Cover 2 defense, or run against a 4-3??? PLEASE!!! I'll even enjoy old Peyton Manning Stories better than the Angry about Anger or Fire Gene garbage.
John: When you're right, you're right. Unfortunately the off-season – particularly this offseason around the Jaguars – lends itself to tangenting in directions away from football and the format of this column sometimes lends itself to some back-and-forth that strays from the main road. I expect we'll get a little more football-related next week at mini-camp, though obviously some of the same old topics such as Blackmon, Anger, Jones-Drew and Gabbert are likely to nudge their way into the in-box. Incidentally, to beat a Cover 2, you need to be able to throw deep slants into the middle of the field and split the safeties. That's why it's key to have a middle linebacker who can cover. As for running against a 4-3, why bother? These days, just pass over it.
Tom from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and Section 106:
I was glad to see Blackmon stuck with the plans to join the caravan in Waycross and it looks like the fans welcomed him. Move forward with him around solid, positive people on the team and in the organization and coach him up into the serious offensive threat we hope he can be.
John: People around the Jaguars were glad, too, and the leaders of the organization were very much wanting Blackmon to do as you say – move forward, get back to normal, and continue doing things a rookie player does during his first off-season. Blackmon, as Fred Taylor said last week, is a member of the Jaguars family and being on the Caravan is what family members do in June.
Malachi from Canyon Country, CA:
I agree with you that people often do change their bad habits when "faced with a life-altering situation." For example: In 2006, Jared Allen had just gotten his second AND third DUI, and the criticism was heavy. He was given one last chance, and hasn't had an incident since.
John: You never know what will cause people to get the message. The Jaguars believe Blackmon will receive the message, and not just because they invested a first-round selection. They believed in the guy when they drafted him, meaning they believed in his talent and the research they had done that made certain he would fit into the locker room. One incident won't change that, nor should it.
T.J. from Jacksonville:
Though I wish I could afford season tickets, it realistically doesn't fit our budget. So our little family tries to at least make one game a year. This year, we are having a decidedly heated debate about which game to choose. I want to see Freddy T get inducted into the Pride, but she wants to see her high school alum, he who shall not be named, come to town to sit on a bench in December. She also has our daughter on her side. I'm not going to win this one am I?
John: Stay strong. Fight on. But no, if your track record on fighting with your family is anything like mine, you're not going to win. Strike that: either way, you get to go to a game, so enjoy.
Nick from Atlantic Beach, FL:
How much time do you put into organizing a daily O-Zone? Do you just kinda randomly put questions together, or do you really try to create a flow from one question to another? How much does journalistic integrity and literary competence influence the masterpiece that is the O-Zone?
John: Journalistic what? But seriously, it's a little bit 'o random and a little bit o' planning. Somehow, it just keeps coming together.

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