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Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash: Thursday, December 3, 2020

(On being in COVID protocol last week) "I'm not going to discuss the COVID stuff. There's protocols and stuff that we have to follow. I was in the protocol and it's good to be back in the building today."

(On coaching while in COVID protocol last week) "The days were the same because we're doing virtual meetings. I just did it from a hotel room for 10 days. We do the install and we communicate the game plan and stuff just like we do if we're sitting in our office, so I think that went really smooth for our whole coaching staff. Obviously, the coaches were able to come in on Saturday and go through the walkthrough with the players. I thought they did a tremendous job. I think our players did a tremendous job. We were able to watch practice. Some of the veterans were leading the drills and stuff so now they know some of the things that we go through. But I think it's a credit to our players and our coaches once they got in the building to make sure we had a game plan ready. I think the players did a nice job of going out and executing it. Obviously, we fell short and that's not what we want, but I think there's a lot of credit given to our players going through adversity we had last week. Sunday was tough, there's no doubt. Sitting and watching it on TV, there was obviously some frustration, but at the same time I really liked to see how the guys went out there and competed in this adverse situation. Obviously, we fell short and that's not what our goal is but I think there's a lot of credit to our players through this transition this past week."

(On how he watched the game last week) "Obviously I watched it by myself. Ten days in isolation is not a lot of fun, but I got excited at times and I got frustrated at times. I think the biggest thing is it was just so different watching it through the TV like a fan would probably. Once again, I think it's just a credit to our players how hard they went out and played last week."

(On Bart Starr Award nominee S Jarrod Wilson) "We have had Jarrod [Wilson] since we got him as a college free agent. We got to really see him mature and grow over the last three, four years that we've had Jarrod. He's a tremendous person. He takes control of that room. He's a great professional. He was that way early on coming out and he understood what he needed to do to develop himself as an individual and to just naturally turn into a leader within that group. He's a great leader, not just in the group but obviously with our team. He's a guy that as a coaching staff we can bounce things off of, we ask him questions. He's a true leader and it's great to see where he's come from to obviously being nominated for this award."

(On S Jarrod Wilson's success after starting as an undrafted player) "I think it's a lot of credit to him obviously with his work ethic. He loves football. He goes out and he plays when he's banged up. He sucks it up and he plays and does what's best for our football team. The team is always first with him and I think that's just a credit to the kid and how he's matured over the years."

(On DE Adam Gotsis's contribution to the team) "I think his toughness that he brings obviously to that room. We brought Adam [Gotsis] in as a first and second down player, to be a run defender, play within our '4B' which is not a big stat position on first and second down. I think he's done all those things. I think he's a natural leader in that group. He's a good guy to once again bounce some stuff off him as a coaching point for [Defensive Line Coach Jason Rebrovich] Rebs of the things that obviously we can do better, to continue to get those guys better. But what he brings is just straight toughness. He gets in there, he bangs. [He's] obviously coming off an ACL [injury], he hasn't missed any time. Just his work ethic and toughness really shows us who he is and that was what we wanted when we got him and we're extremely happy to have him."

(On the young corners, Luq Barcoo and Josiah Scott, in last week's game) "With both of them, I thought it was really good to see how they got their feet wet with a lot of playing time and a lot of reps. I think you're going to continue to see them get better. I was very pleased with Josiah [Scott]'s toughness, especially in the slot, be it fitting in the run game, had good fits. [He] had some coverage issues early on and some matchup stuff, but I thought both of them played extremely well for being the first time out with a lot reps and I think they're only going to get better as this season goes on because they're going to continue to get reps obviously."

(On CB Luq Barcoo and CB Josiah Scott facing Vikings WR Adam Thielen this week) "Obviously you have [Adam] Thielen and then you have [Justin] Jefferson on the other side, so it's going to be a tough matchup. We're going to do some things to hopefully kind of take the deep ball away from them, make them earn everything they have. They know that they have a tough challenge, but at the same time I think both of them are really excited about it. We're going to find out exactly where they are versus a couple really elite receivers and I like where their mind frame is right now to go in and compete with them."

(On what makes Vikings QB Kirk Cousins and RB Dalvin Cook so effective) "Obviously, [Dalvin] Cook is an explosive, explosive running back. He's a touchdown waiting every time he carries the football. He can bounce and get to the outside and outrun people and then he has good physical ability between the tackles, runs behind his pads extremely well. Obviously, I think that's where their offense starts. That's been [Vikings Offensive Coordinator/ Assistant Head Coach Gary] Kubiak ever since we played him for many many years. It all starts with the running game. But once it goes to the quarterback, teams are getting into eight-man fronts and that kind of stuff to stop the ball so you have single coverage outside and he's [Vikings QB Kirk Cousins] putting the ball on the mark. They take their shots outside. He's extremely accurate and he's completing some of those go balls on the outside, so that's a concern of ours. Once you get to third down, he's making real good decisions, getting the ball to players in space. They have a couple wide receivers like we talked about that can really make plays and extend plays once they catch the ball, so he's really making good, sharp decisions within the passing game not only on first and second down but third down."