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Jaguars Defensive End Dawuane Smoot: Thursday, December 10 2020

(On what has caused an increase in production since the game against Green Bay) "Nothing really. They kind of robbed me in that Green Bay game, I should've had a sack on that one [that wasn't credited to me]. But nothing really. I've just been sticking to my game plan, just working as hard as I have been since the offseason. It's just kind of coming together for me now, kind of all coming to fruition. So, I've just been working as hard as I can, just kind of trying to stick to it."

(On continuing to work on his technique and different moves throughout the season) "Definitely, I'm just working on them every day. I feel like I'm using them a lot more, just rushing a little more free, do less, just trying to get a little more pressure. I'm just trying to work anything, see if anything works honestly."

(On tackling Titans RB Derrick Henry) "It's definitely a want to, especially later on in the season when everyone's body starts hurting. I mean if you haven't noticed his numbers go crazy like halfway through the season. It's a mindset. We just have to put our body on him at the end of the day. We have to really hit him and kind of wrap him up and try to get as [many] people to him as possible."

(On being productive in the final year of his contract) "It feels great. I'm happy. My family's happy. I'm just happy that I'm being able to kind of show my talents as late in the season leading up to the end of my contract year. It's been great. I've been happy. Everything's been good."

(On taking advantage of the opportunity for more playing time this season) "Just like you said, you never want to see anybody go down, but it's definitely the next man up. I've been waiting for my opportunity for four years. These last three starts I've been able to put up good numbers, been getting a sack each one of my starts, so I'm just trying to keep it going."

(On if he waits to stay in Jacksonville after his contract is up) "Well, I already bought a house here so I'm looking to stay here. My family loves it here. I love it here. It's a lot of opportunity here, so I'm definitely trying to stay here for a long time."

(On his price to stay in Jacksonville) "I would say I need to be paid what I'm worth. Let me just say that."

(On the stiff arm drills in preparation to face Titans RB Derrick Henry) "It's mainly just [Defensive Line Coach Jason] Rebs [Rebrovich] with a big old yellow arm sticking up in the helmet every single time we get a chance. We're working on just knocking it down and kind of just running through. I mean you have to run through contact anyways whenever you're tackling Derrick Henry, so that's what we're going to be working on all this week. His stiff arm is vicious, so we have to be able to stop that."'

(On if he's ever gotten a stiff arm from Titans RB Derrick Henry) "Yeah, I believe like two years ago. Almost got a TFL [tackle for loss] and he hit me with one of those stiff arms, so I've learned from that."

(On sticking together as a team despite the losing streak) "Because [of] all the ups and downs, we've been able to pick each other up. We've been able to get to know each other even more. We've been a lot closer because [of] all the bad things that have been happening. Just knowing that we have been having a lot of injuries and a lot of uncertainty, we've been able to come closer personally. We're just trying to work on our relationships, stuff like that, and that's obviously been translating on the field during this past week, so we're just trying to keep it going."