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Jaguars Defensive End Josh Allen: Thursday, November 19, 2020

(On watching Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger growing up) "I grew up a Steelers fan. I was a Steelers fan right up to when I became a Jaguar, so I'm excited about this week and I finally get to play against the man that I grew up loving. That's definitely a big accomplishment that I can write on my check list."

(On bringing down Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger) "He's a big dude. I never got to hit him yet so I can only speak for what I bring to the table. It looks like he's a big, solid guy but he can still stand up and you still get the sack so it's all good."

(On the improvement of the defense as a unit) "I mean just playing assignment free and just flying around to the ball and just having fun. We found out regardless of winning or losing, as long as we get to play together, as long as we get to play for each other and we just have fun doing it, the outcome's going to be the outcome. We can control what we can control…I mean just flying around to the ball, having fun basically, knowing that I know K'Lavon [Chaisson] has my back. Just having fun out there and playing with each other, that's probably the most we get from it. What else do we have to lose but to go out there and play 100 percent?"

(On Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger's weakness) "I feel like he's a Hall of Fame quarterback. We're about to play two back to back. Last week we played [Packers QB] Aaron Rodgers and we saw what he can do for his team in situations and now we're about to play against another one. You never know what to expect week in and week out with these guys and I just know we're going to get 100 percent from them, and we're excited about it."

(On if keeping last week's game close gives him confidence going into this week) "I mean being within four? I was confident we were going to win that game. Just being within four, losing by four or losing by three, losing by one point, that's something that we don't [like]. We want to win. We don't want just good games that we just come down to losing them. We're trying to win every game, so we were definitely heart broken. We were definitely upset because we felt like played a really good game, but they made a couple more plays than we did, and they just capitalized on opportunities. We have to bring our A game this week again and hopefully we get this win, we do get this win."

(On if he pretended to be Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger when playing backyard football growing up as a Steelers fan) "No, it was [former Steelers safety] Troy Polamalu. It was Troy Polamalu, [former Steelers receiver] Hines Ward, [former Steelers receiver] Santonio Holmes. Who else? [Former Steelers linebacker] James Harrison. I wasn't the quarterback."

(On pretending to be former Steelers RB Jerome Bettis) "He's [one of my] top three favorite Steelers players, for me personally. Troy Polamalu's definitely number one though. [Former Steelers safety] Troy Polamalu, [former Steelers receiver] Hines Ward, and then [former Steelers running back] Jerome Bettis, 'The Bus', big dude."

(On if ever wanted to be the quarterback growing up) "I wanted the ball. I'm trying to play receiver. I didn't want to get hit all the time. We were smacking our quarterback and I didn't want to be that. No, not for real, but I always liked [Steelers QB] Ben [Roethlisberger]. I'm ready to hit him."

(On playing against someone he grew up watching) "That's basically every week to anybody who ever played, especially around my age, year three, four and under. I feel like that's everybody in the NFL, so every week you always play against somebody and be like, 'Dang, I remember this dude. I remember this dude.' But as soon as the game gets started, all that's thrown away. The respect's still there of course, but your main objective is to win that game at all costs whoever you go against. At first, it's going to be pretty cool but as soon as the game gets going, I'm going to be locked in until after the game where I get to holler at him and talk what I can. But during the game and in between the lines, I'm ready to play ball."

(On having the same name as Bills QB Josh Allen) "Next question. I'm just here so I won't get fined. I'm never speaking about that man ever again. Last year, Josh and I would've been good. This year? No, I have to make my own [name for myself]. But I don't get anymore letters, no more mail and they better not send me any [because] now I'm going to get offended. Last year I could see how people get mixed up, but now this year, if they don't know me by now, I can't mess with them."

(On what he's seen from the Steelers' defense and if it's the best they have had) "Best they ever had? I mean I know they've been legit thus far. They've been one of the best defenses as a whole. They have a lot of good players on that team. They definitely can rush the passer, every man up there can. So, [I'm] watching them, learning from them, learning from [Steelers LB] T.J. [Watt]. Being around him at the Pro Bowl I learned a lot from him so I can see why he has that grit, he has the dog-ness in him. [Steelers LB] Bud [Dupree] being a UK product, I don't expect anything less from him. Then [Steelers DT] Cameron Heyward upfront, he's a dog too. But I'm excited to see them play, hope they don't do what they normally do, but I think our offense is going to take care of that. I just know our defense, we're going to have to match their intensity or they're going to have to match us because we're going to be flying around to this ball and we're going to be hungry for a win. I know what we're going to bring. I don't know what they're really doing over there or how they come to play but I know our team, we're going to be ready to play, ready to get this win."

(On what he learned from Steelers LB T.J. Watt or other players at last year's Pro Bowl) "There was a couple guys, but being around him, he was just telling me about how hard you have to work to get here, how hard you have to be to take that next level, it's good that you're here, everybody's on the same level right now, but to take it from this level to that level, it's going to take a lot more extra work and a lot more dedication. Just going over that and his routine and how he trains his body, how he trains his mind and stuff going out on the field and just learning about that. That definitely opened my mind to how I want to prepare myself moving forward because I definitely do want to be Defensive Player of the Year or up there or all that, which he's striving for [too]. I have a long ways to go, but one day I'm going to get there."