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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Friday, December 4, 2020

(On if OL Will Richardson Jr. would replace OL Jawaan Taylor at right tackle if Taylor cannot play) "Yes, he would slide over to right tackle, but I think we've got to list him [OL Jawaan Taylor] as questionable because he's been limited all week. But I feel like he'll be able to play."

(On the impact of all the injuries this season) "I think really for the past three years, we've dealt with this every year. So, it's just one of those things that you just deal with and go. I think that it's always a—two ways to look at it, John. You can either say, 'the woe is me effect,' or 'Why us? Or why this or that?' Or look at it the other way, there's some guys that go in there and create an opportunity for them, and see exactly where you are, from a standpoint of your roster. If these guys can play or can't play, they'll start trending one way or the other and you can make decision on people. So, and then sometimes with opportunity, without preseason games, some guys may be able to show you something. So, we'll see. We've got Sidney [Jones IV] out again, so [Luq] Barcoo maybe will be playing at that corner a little bit. J-Dub [Jarrod Wilson] will be fine, I believe. Josh Jones is back, that helps us a little bit. So, and we've got some guys coming back and some guys not. It's one of those things that you just manage and keep going and you just hope that—right now, the concern is how many guys we're going to have left by the end of the season. You know, just making sure that week-to-week now, it's going to get tougher and tougher to manage it."

(On keeping the players motivated) "Yeah, I don't think there's any like magic formula that you have where all of a sudden you could just take it out of your pocket and spray it on the players and then they go. I think it has a lot to do with the foundation of what you're trying to build at the beginning. The relationship with the players and the coaches and really understanding what's important. And make no mistake about it, winning is important and that's what we're still pushing for, trying to get ourselves over the top. But like I said before, whether it be youth or even our veteran players that we have here, I've said before, I like the way this team goes about their business. It's not from a lack of study, it's not from a lack of effort during the week, it's not like we've backed off them at all, John. We're still practicing at the same pace that we've been practicing all year, still continuing to push them and I just think that foundation of that has been able to overcome any type of adversity that we're all dealing with on the outside. So, it's a credit to the players, it's a credit to the coaches. And we've got to go out there, and we've got some challenges this week, and they're big challenges, you know. So, we've got to rise up and we've got to be able to make those plays in the game, that really push the needle in a game. I think I've always [grown] up, there's always four to six plays in a game that you can look at that sway the game. I'm just hoping that the four to six plays, that you're making those plays. I think this week, hopefully, we'll have that opportunity to be in position and be able to make that play, that's what we're striving for."

(On if they had addressed the quarterback situation after what happened in Denver) "We talked about it prior to the season. We decided to go the way we've continued to go with. Obviously, they're together. You know, we changed rooms a little bit, so they're not in the same room they've been in, like the year before. So, we do have enough room for the quarterbacks to be social distanced. We worked hard on the field to make sure that we keep them somewhat apart from each other. Because that's where, I think, a lot of times it's tough because all those guys in there, they want to know the play, they want to know what's going on, they want to see things. So, they tend to gravitate or group together, maybe, more than any other group that's on the field. When it happened in Denver, we discussed it again and we just feel [really] comfortable about our situation on what we're doing with our quarterbacks. We feel like everyone has a great understanding of the protocols and has great discipline in handling those protocols. So, I think I get concerned more about when they're outside the building, I'm concerned about actually catching it, coming in contact with people, which you're normally going to do. And then, inside the building, my major concern is more of the contact tracing, how that could put a player out. But we've had those discussions, Mark, and after the Denver thing, we did revisit it."